A Lesson on Reading Between the Lines

You deserve so much better than someone who can't embrace your sweetness

It's not her fault; it's not yours; this kind of situation just happens sometimes

But I wish you could see how awesome you are when it comes to your words

They surprise me, mesmerize me, have me wrapped up in thoughts of you for eternities

I wish you could say those kind of things to me instead of her

But now, I've come to realize that even though I'm hurt

There's always a chance as long as our hearts continue to beat

As long as our smiles can be sincere

And as long as saying what you mean is as easy as talking about nothing at all

The words used to stop at my mouth, never leave, for I was afraid

Scared of what you might say, petrified of what you might think

Frightened of what would really come out of my mouth

Would the words still be as I thought of them to be?

Or would my nervousness mangle my words?

Twist them, deform them to the point of no return?

When all of a sudden I realize that if you just go with it

Go with instinct

Go with your heart

It will all turn out as it is meant to, for all that is destined to be said has been said

Cause it's not a matter of whether the words get said

It's a matter of when the words get said

You deserve someone who can be there for you to let you cry your heart out

You deserve someone who will let you rant and vent

You deserve someone who will bask in your sweetness

And someone who will be just as honest and sweet with you

It's not her fault; it's not your fault; this kind of situation just happens sometimes

But I want you to know how much you deserve all this

I need you to know how much I appreciate all your cooperation with my jealousy

I hope you know how thankful I am for the lessons you've taught me

Though they took a while to finally shine through

Thank you so much; I really mean it with all of my heart

Without you, who knows where I would be right now

But then again, we were bound to meet someday; it was destined to happen I suppose

All of us meet eachother for reasons unknown to us until we do some soul-searching

Then we find in others the qualities we so lack, and we try to fix ourselves

It's all for the better, each action, each word

While it may not seem like so at the time

It really is a good thing that things work out the way they do

For without fights, where's the understanding?

Without differences, where's the sympathy?

Without jealousy, where's the rejection?

The painful rejection that, without it, we would never know exactly how awesome love is

When you do have it

Everything happens for a reason, some reasons are so miniscule you don't even notice them

But others are so important, like learning the differences in people, understanding them

Getting over hardships and realizing that your friends and family are there for you

All this speculation, these contemplations are because of you showing me one tiny lesson

One lesson that changed my outlook

That feelings are to be expressed, not repressed

Cause what does it matter if it's all built up inside?

All this was a result of your liking her

All my emotions were bottled up, then I let them out

And thought and thought for days and days, crying myself to sleep each night

Drowning in my sadness and depression until this all happened

I believe, for once in my life, I truly believe in fate

And I will still cry myself to sleep each night

I will still drown in my depression

But I will know that something good will come of it all

That some lesson will be learned after all this hardship

Thank you for showing me how to be an optimist, and I know that I will never doubt fate again

For I know that you deserve the best

And when you receive the best, I can say "I told you so"

And say it with a sincere smile on my face and my head held up high

For you taught me confidence as well

I can not thank you enough for making me realize all this

I guess it was always there; I just needed someone to teach me to read between the lines