How Does It Feel?

Semi-requited, these feelings I swallow

Each time they arise through my narrow throat

I want you to see how sheer and hollow

My heart has become, as I've put on this show

Alone and confused; it's just not the same

Before we were so close and able to open up

Stupid, petty issues were what I blamed

For the sadness; too many excuses I made up

But now there's no reason to hide

All these emotions that have been bottled up inside

I'm finally ready to let them go

Just cry my eyes out, let the tears flow

Let them show

Here you go; these are my tears

I've been hiding all this while

Now, just how does this make you feel

To know that this pain is all cause of you?

How does it feel?

How does it feel?

Cause I guarantee I feel so much worse right now

And nothing you can say can make me feel any better