Please, hold me tightly

And never let me go

Let me hide within your shoulder

So that my tears won't show

I'm sorry that I need you

I'm sorry that you care

But just hold me tightly

And just let me share

All these feelings with you

Cause I trust you with my heart

Just hold me close against you

And don't let us break apart

I want you to hear my whispers

So I'll cry them in your ear

I'll tell you everything I love

And everything I fear

I just need someone like you

To listen to what I have to say

I need an ear to rant in

So that I'll be okay

You don't have to dry my eyes

You don't have to even speak

Just listen to the words I say

And fail to critique

I don't need your opinion

I don't care if it's wrong

Just let me tell these things to you

So that I can move along