Chapter 1

He stood at the edge of the rooftop as the rain fell on his cheeks. He was hoping that the rain would wash him away. He could flow down a far away river and never have to think again. He thought twice about it and decided that maybe he would wait for another day to be washed away by the tempting rain.

He heard a small footstep behind him, but not turning because he recognized it as K. She wrapped her arms around his waist and she smiled. He loved the way that she smiled at him, with all of the innocence in the world even though she had none. She knew all about the world and how it worked, never phased by anyone. She breathed on the back of his neck very quietly as a greeting. His hair was nestled on her neck. She loved his brown hair that curled and stuck out in all directions, untamed just like their souls.

K looked up into the dark sky as the rain continued, harder than before. She could feel his breathing under her arms. She breathed at the same time and smiled a bit, trying to stifle a giggle. She loved the moments that they shared together. Below them the temple was quiet with only the sound of the crackling of a fire in the small fireplace K had started before she had come out.

K took one of S's hands and held it in hers. She loved to hold his scarred hands. He had been in many battles and had small white scars on the palms of his hands and his chest. She nestled her head on his shoulder and closed her blue eyes. S turned his head and let her hand fall back to his waist as he stroked her brown hair. He gave her a kiss on her wet head. She looked peaceful when S looked at her with a smile on her face and her head on his broad shoulders.

''I love you," he whispered. They enjoyed the patter of the rain on the roof before S took K into his arms and carried her tired body to the inside of the temple. When he saw her sleep he saw the beauty that he wanted to see for every day of his life. He laid her on the small mat on the floor that she slept on. He whispered goodnight to her and gave her a kiss on the cheek that was red from the rain. He put a thick, warm blanket over her wet body. She smiled a small smile when he put his hands through her cold hair. He sat back down in front of the fire and took off his black shoes and white karate-styled jacket. He held the white jacket in his hands and decided to fold it next to K so that she could wear it in the morning. He put out the dying fire that barely lit the room and went to sleep on the floor next to K.

When he woke up the next morning he got up without putting back on his shoes. He found the ladder that led to the roof pulled down. He groggily climbed up knowing K was on the roof.

"Hey," she said to him before he had stepped onto the roof.

"Hey, do you happen to have my jacket?" He asked even though he could tell she was wearing it. He sat down next to her. He shivered when the cold morning air blew on his partly bandaged chest that was bare at the top.

"You know I like to wear it. By the way I love it when you don't have you're jacket because you walk around with you bare chest. "

"I'm happy to hear it. " He put his arm around her waist and cuddled next to her as they watched the sun slowly emerge from between the grey clouds. S watched as the wind gently blew her hair to the side of her face and made his jacket cling to her skin. She had a shallow tea cup in her hands that she offered to S. He took it graciously and gave her a kiss on the cheek as a way to say thank you. They loved the abandoned temple that they were living in.

No one bothers them since the raging war was close to them and everyone had already fled the nearby city. The revolution had caused the war that would surely end soon.

"What are you thinking?" He asked her as she stared at a pair of squirrel's running up a pine tree that was near them. He looked at her for a few moments to see what she would say to him.

"Nothing really," she answered still staring at the squirrels. He drank some of the tea that she had given to him in the shallow cup.

"Hmm," he said.

"Want to go into town?" she asked S. She wanted to fill in the awkward silence that was now forming a gap between them. She saw themselves in the two squirrels. She was reminded that they wouldn't be young forever and would need to do something with their lives.

"Sure," he answered still wondering why she wouldn't say what was on her mind.