Chapter 5

When K woke up that morning to a crash that came from outside. She jumped up and got dressed in a pair of karate pants and one of S's jackets. R was still asleep on the floor, the sound hadn't even phased him. S's weapon wasn't on the mantle and she couldn't see him anywhere. She grabbed one of the swords that he owned and ran outside. She found a dark figure looming over S who was holding his weapon. The figure took a step back when he saw K jump at him with her sword. He touched his cheek where K had grazed him. The strong S had a pool of blood near his chest that was staining the ground near him.

"Who the hell are you?" K held her sword out to show the man she meant business.

"No one you need to worry about." He took a swing at K, who stepped backward. She in turn looked the man over as she tried to knock him down with the blunt end of her sword.

The dark figure was wearing the armor of a soldier. He had jet-black hair and eyes the color of blood. She could feel his malice when he grabbed her arm and tried to throw her against a tree. She grabbed a low branch and swung upward. When she jumped off ready to whack him he ran in the direction of town.

"I've done want I needed to do." K heard him yell. K dropped he sword confused and yelled for R. When he came hey each grabbed S and carried him into the temple and put him on the floor. K went back and grabbed the two weapons dropping them next to the fireplace.

K took off S's bloodstained bandages, jacket, and shoes. She and R carried him into the bath. K took off the hoes and jacket that she was wearing. S was breathing quietly and his face showed no emotion. K was scared to death and R ran frantically around to the back of the temple o that he could feel the heater with more wood. The water began to steam and K washed S off. She washed the blood off of him and cleaned it out of his hair. When he was lean and smelled of roses K and R go him out and dressed him in fresh clothes. They put him on his mat and covered him with blankets. K sent R to get more white and bandages along with alcohol and bleach. When he came back R found K on the roof with her head in her legs. He gave he a hug and helped her bandage S up when she followed him back into the temple. When they were done S was still sound asleep. K and R went back to the roof and listened to the birds cheep. R gave K a reassuring hug when she began to cry. She made no noise when the tears ran down her cheeks. She seemed emotionless. They both ran down the ladder when they heard S weakly call for K.

"K?" K rnoved over to S who was lying down, but had his eyes open.

"S! Are you okay, do you hurt anywhere?"

"Everywhere, is J gone?"

"If J is the man in the soldiers outfit, than yes."

"Did he hurt you?"

"No, I cut him on the cheek though. "

"Good. Can you get me something to eat?" S looked up with hurt in his eyes at K.

"Yeah." She made him soup with chicken stock, Raman noodles, and vegetables. When she was done S got up weakly and ate all the soup she gave him. When he was done he went back to sleep. R and K ate in silence until R asked he something when hey were eating bread she had cut from a loaf S bought.

"K, do you love S?" R looked at her waiting for her to answer.

"Of course I do. " K looked at him surprised at the question. They finished dinner quietly. When they were done S sat up and K sat next to him. She ran her fingers through his hair and he smiled though she knew he still hurt all over. She put her arms around him so that he would stay up. When he opened his mouth to say something she put her finger on his lips so that he would just look at her. She kissed him on his head and closed her eyes. S soon fell back to sleep and K left him there. She took a bath and let her skin start to prune before she got out. She found R asleep on the floor with a sword near his feet. She could tell he didn't feel safe. When she picked up her sword she figured out who the man was. J was a man who went to school with S. J was held back because he had lost the finals fight against S. He had gone to war recently.

He came back because the war must be over and he wanted revenge. K wasn't afraid when she realized he wouldn't come back because he had earned his victory. She was able to go to sleep soundly after her revelation