These Words, They're For You

She types the words

Hoping they mean something

Hoping they mean anything

She feeld do alone

And wants to have one person

One person to love her and care

Yet she finds no one

Her computer is switched off

The internet disconnected

She no longer lies to herself

This is not her world

She cannot escape these things that she fears

Her world is right there

But she refuses to see whats right in front of her

Ina vague sense of protest

She locks her laptop in the closet

Yet shes drawn to it

And returns for another day

Of decetiful typing

Hoping that maybe

She'll change

And outgrow her fear of loneliness

And she won't be so dependent on the lives of others

On the words of others

The escape is needed

But makes everything worse

All the same

She'll return for another day

To continue this charade