The bad samaritan,

It was never gonna be a good day.

I read it in the clouds.

Everyday is poetry and fate.

Like Adam and Eve,

they make no bloody sense.

But soulmates are not theirs

for my convenience.

You certainly aren't.

He's got his eye on us.

How wonderful, you've met the family.

You're like the worm in the apple.

Of my perfect life.

What a joke. I laugh,

I don't care if you won't.

Throw broken glass in my eye,

it'll show you hate me,

just a little.

I was never yours,

you just have to get that knife in.

Don't hurt her again.

Because she could have been me,

you know that I know it.

Don't tie us up together

and hope it'll be fine.

Don't compliment me

if you cannot take the weight

of my suspicion on your back.

And don't not care,

just because I'm young,

and stupid,

and tragically devoted

to my murder victim,

and the injury I will inflict,

on both our hearts.