Death and Rebirth

This is the day the world dies.

It is eaten by the flames of the Phoenix.

The towns are drown in flames and ash,

The earth itself is consumed in flame.

It is the death of all mortal life,

No man will survive today.

If you could survive and see the desolation,

You would have wished death.

You would see the cinder piles,

These were the lush forests.

You would see the bogs that span for endless eternities,

These were the seas where the whales once lived.

You would see the clouds that blocked the sun,

This ash is composed of all the beings that once lived on the earth.

You would feel the cold from the new Ice Age,

It would bite your skin, and freeze your limbs.

When you breathed you would choke,

The ash about would clog your orifices.

But out of the ash a new world order arises.

The world will now be run by the beasts,

The immortal beasts that the gods created to ensure survival.

The dragons,

The Beasts of the Sea,

The Beasts of the Sky,

The Beasts of the Earth,

The Beasts of the Forests,

The Beasts of the Flames,

The Beasts of the Ices,

The Beast of Life,

And the Beast of Death.

The beasts would breathe out life once again.

As they once did ages ago,

Lost even in memory but not lost to the Beasts of the gods.

Upon the renewal of the earth and the regeneration of the life cycle,

Humans would once again have to fight for the top of the food chain,

If we make it this time.