Once upon a time, or so they say,

in children's bedtime stories

of pretty girls and princes fair

and knights and all their glories.

The good are always beautiful,

the evil an eyesore,

and there are always happy endings

in these fantasies of yore.

If I were in a fairytale,

all my dreams would come true;

I guess that's how I know I'm not,

because I don't have you.

Heartache has a pretty face

and follows Love, who's nice,

but they steal from me


who gives me sound advice.

"Don't ever give your heart away;

whenever it's returned

it's always the worse for wear;

always slashed and burned.

"Hold it fast, don't let it go,"

she whispers in my ear,

but still my heartbeat quickens

whenever you are near.

O angel of my fantasies,

gaze into mine eyes!

Tell me that you love me,

carry me into the skies!

For I am but a fallen mortal,

But still I for the yearn;

Love me, darling, as I am,

and I'll worship thee in return.

Like old Humpty-Dumpty,

my heart is bruised and battered.

To endure another heartbreak

I suppose it would have shattered.

But if you only let me,

I would give it to you;

hold it gently, please, and mend it;

only love can make it new.

But alas! I'm not in dreamland,

though your love is but a dream;

to fantasize is futile;

to hope, hopeless, it would seem.

So this is my reality check

To bring me down from the skies,

Back to this dismal world we live in,

Built of heartache, stuffed with lies.

I have my own private fairy tale;

true, it's sad in parts.

But like poetry on paper,

you're on every page of my heart.

Author's note: If anyone has seen "Finding Neverland," the last line might sound familiar.It's a referance to one of the last lines of the movie--"...you can see her any time you want. She's on every page of your imagination."Johnny Depp is sexy and that' s my favorite movie. SO.Just FYI. R&R, thanks so much.