No More than a Road

Life is a busy road,

with too much traffic,

without any decent roadmaps,

with lots of speed humps

and grave potholes.

Life is an uncertain road.

with poor visibility,

with continuous tollbooths,

with cops and ambulances,

car wreckers and hijackers,

and lots of normal people.

Life is a one way road,

with a stop sign at the end,

with only one way out,

that winds from calm neighborhoods

through busy cities

and across open highways

to peaceful rest stops.

Life is a scenic road,

that's filled with lovely things,

with birds perching on power lines,

with flowers growing along the edges,

with endless fields of grass,

with colorful billboards.

Life is a terrifying road,

that winds past haunted houses,

with creepy statues in the yard,

that often traverses through the darkest nights,

and rarely through the brightest days.

Life is a poetic road,

inspiration lurking around each turn,

hiding in individual street signs,

and peeking out at every passerby.

Life is a lengthy road,

that grows ever longer,

as it winds athwart the country side

Life is a mandatory road,

without any visible detours.

Life is, just simply, a road.