There's a maddening aura about this place. Every step I've taken in this dark abyss runs without aim. I could be walking in circles without any bit of awareness to it. I can't see, but I can feel a floor beneath me. Or atleast I think it's a floor. Occasionally I don't feel anything, and I have to turn around.

I'm trapped in this prison, and I'm not sure how I got here. It all feels so familiar, but it's frightening. I don't like walking in this dark, but I refuse to sit down. I have to get out of here. The scent alone is driving me mad!

The place has a scent I can barely even describe. It's the scent of memories, a musky scent brought upon the winds of yesterday.

What's worse, is all I can hear is my own voice. I'm not speaking, but I'm hearing things I've said. They echo about this place at frantic rates causing their own whirlpool of noise. It's so much louder than anything I've ever head before. I feel like screaming, and even if I do the noise would only be drowned out by the Niagara Falls-like crashing of sentences from long ago.

I rub my own hand across my cheek in hopes that I can atleast cry, but there's no tears. My eyes are burning, and I want to cry so badly but I'm not.

I need to get out of here! I can't stay here anymore! I'm running and running, but the floor feels like it's leaving again. It's falling out beneath me. I can't take this. It's too much. I need to scream, cry, anything!

I've been wandering for so long. The past has blurred with the present and my sense of time has been far from dulled. All that I know, is every moment I spend moving is a moment more than I wish to be here.

I take another step, but there goes the floor underneath me. I try to turn around, but there's nothing behind me. I fall into an pit lined with images like moving television shows swirling around and around. I move from childhood, to my teenage years, and further on until I reach the present.

I can finally remember what I was doing before I got here. I'd just gotten into a fight with the love of my life, some harsh things said as usual, and quite a bit of tears. The last thing I'd heard and seen before slipping into this hell of a world was my love's face... and then a door. Slam! It'd been closed directly upon my face, and I'd done nothing to stop it.

My body was shaking, and I don't even care that I'm falling. Whatever happens now, happens. I'll just close my eyes. Maybe I can sleep this place away. God, I hope I can sleep this place away!

"Hey, come on... wake up! Please, damnit! Wake up!"

I opened my eyes, giving a groan and looking up. I was back in my house again, but someone was over me. Who was it? I rubbed my eyes, finding it to be the very one that'd left me to fall into this state standing over me.

Tears for the second time that day (or I assume it was still that day) streamed down my love's cheeks and I looked up, shaking my head slightly. "What--what happened?"

Within moments, my love's arms had wrapped around and pulled me tight. "I'm sorry! I came back, we need to make up... but when I came back I found you in the hall. You were having another of your attacks... I-I just... I didn't mean to do that to do. Not again."

I raised my eyes, staring at the ceiling. So that's all that was? It was just another breakdown. It was all just a self-inflicked attempt for me to finally lose my mind. Sad though.... I win.