Bacca di Sangue

Keagan was not uninteresting. On the contrary he was anything but. However when you were the last to know about the city's newest, grandest, most popular, most seductive and most extravagant nightclub in the history of the country...well then people started pointing fingers and asking questions.

The Bacca di Sangue was popular within the first two days of its opening. It's location was in the heart of the city's underground, where anything and everything could happen. It was a fantasy world of pent-up lust unbroken and desires unleashed unto the creatures who resided there, progeny to the darkness in the reputation. It was the city's only means of nightlife. It was untamable, attracting,. Mortal creatures attracted to its mystery were soon lost to the charms and hypnotizing lustfulness of it all, never to be seen again, and if they were, they were completely different people.

And the appearance of this club could only make things worse...or to the eyes of those who shined – better.

To the politicians who ran the city in blue blood and rightful intentions, it was a nuisance to their perfect society. At every chance they got, there were warnings and scornful lectures that discouraged to venture there, and if you did, it twas your own fault for giving in to such temptation. The club was leading the city's professionals and businessmen to their doom. They sucked them in, no matter how hard they resisted, with their enchant and amorous propositions. The club would be the ruin of the city itself in due time, but many thought this was amusing. It was about time a rightful leader came to charge the opposition. What more creative a way to do it than to further promote the night life of the city?

When Keagan was the very last to hear about it, make no mistake - he felt like an idiot. A boy his age should have been looking for adventure and wanting to expel his pent-up sexual frustration in such artistic and glittering ways. While in school Keagan was hard at work to impress his tutors who could easily make or break his place in the city and in the world. It took a lot to encourage them to be patient with him – it was hard work on the boy's part.

Keagan's projects took months to complete, on top of his studies and his regular classes. He couldn't afford a night off for the next few decades, not with how his grades were. If he was going to go anywhere in this city he was going to have to work and be prepared to eliminate any thought or glance at achieving anything else remotely exciting.

Hearing about the Bacca di Sangue might have been the very thing to save the boy's young life.

Keagan's blue-haired roommate was an open-minded charmer named Aindreas who was, truth be told, the most outrageous homosexual student the school had ever seen. His ideas, his tastes, his passions, his pursuits – they startled many and infuriated most. But few were entranced by him and loved him for his eccentric beauty, in both the mind and body. He was a story-teller, a hypnotist, a sorcerer of the human mind, admired and loved by many souls inside the school and out.

He was, as you could call it, Keagan's best friend. For they say opposites attract.

Now it was legend along the halls of the school that he was one of the first of the boys to dance on the dance floor of the Bacca di Sangue, and according to Keagan the night that the club opened was the same night Aindreas had stumbled home, not drunk but clearly intoxicated with something. The blue-haired imp was covered in glitter, his lips swollen, his breath short, and his eyes wide. He murmured below his breath that the club was going to do very, very well.

Thus, from that point on, the club was the highlight of the city. It was where all the tourists would go. It was legend in the papers, it was said to be a club that disappeared as soon as the authorities planned to shut it down. According to Aindreas, as he spoke in his spiced words, there was no way to shut down the Bacca di Sangue, for even if it was banned from the city it would still remain, one way or the other.

At once Keagan wasn't sure if he meant this literally or metaphorically, but at the time it didn't matter. He had work to do.

Keagan had been the last to hear about the club, and for awhile he felt foolish. But the boy knew he had no time to be slow-witted, he had work he had to do if he was ever going to get on his teachers' good sides, which in itself was a rare, unspeakable thing.

It was late one Friday night when Keagan felt his soul longing for something other than books and words. While everyone in the building had come and gone to enjoy their nightlife priorities, Keagan knew that his window was the only one with the light in it, the only computer that was up and running, the only dictionaries that weren't covered in dust. Sure it made him feel pathetic and completely uninteresting, but this was his future on the line. But his eyes hurt and his fingers were sore. Dropping his pen he flattened himself down on his bed and closed his eyes tightly behind his reading glasses.

His bed smelled spicy. It smelled of Aindreas' scent and expensive cologne. No doubt the blue-haired imp had been here with someone earlier in the week, probably stealing out of class with one of the good-looking newbies to settle in for a good, long afternoon fuck. Aindreas did that at times. Keagan remembered once or twice he had been asleep and heard Aindreas return home late from a party, drunk and dragging someone in with him. Now Aindreas was Keagan's friend - his best friend - really, but he was also a moaner. And on the nights when he brought back a deviant and Keagan had a test the next day – well those were the nights were Keagan wished he had a sedative nearby.

Tonight Aindreas was probably at the Bacca di Sangue like the rest of the student body, living it up in the hottest nightclub in the country. Keagan was the only one seemingly left out. It was unfair and it made him feel stupid. If he wanted to go out and have a good time at some anonymous party, he could couldn't he? After all, he was 19, legibly an adult. He could do what he wanted, couldn't he?

Ever since Keagan had heard about the Bacca di Sangue, and had been told many fantasy tales of what lay within its walls by his blue-haired friend, Keagan was curious to see it for himself. It sounded amazing and gloriously different than anything else the world had experienced. It sounded like something Keagan needed – a good place for him to expel some emotion and feeling.

All at once the boy thought about stealing away to go. But Keagan had reports and projects due at the end of the month...there was no way he could afford a night off, even if it was Friday. He wasn't like everyone else who could just ditch their studies and go throw themselves in the glamour of the nightlife. He was going to be important one day, and to be important you needed to work.

Keagan lifted his head, sadly, and let his chin rest on the covers of his bed. He stared at himself in the mirror upon Aindreas' desk, which was covered with everything except things that had to do with studies and school. The mirror was oval-shaped and painted on with lipstick in little notes. There were pictures and stickers littered everywhere. Aindreas' make-up was strewn across the desktop, his jewelry thrown this way and that. Keagan stared at himself in Aindreas' mirror, wondering what it must be like to be his blue-haired imp roommate: to not have a care in the world.

Eyeing some of the make-up, Keagan got up onto his knees and crawled over to the edge of the bed, before slipping down and sitting in the chair before the mirror. Keagan stared at himself for moments...and then slipped his reading glasses off. He stared at himself in the mirror.

Keagan was beautiful. There was no denying it. Anyone in the school could have identified him as the "beautiful red-headed boy with the wide eyes and shy smile". Many of the girls and the boys had turned their heads when he passed them by, but were put off by his glasses, his neckties and his stack of books that reached his chin as he carried them. Back when the semester had just started and Aindreas and Keagan had just met, Keagan knew that the imp (his hair was purple and pink at the time), was trying to plot some way of seducing the innocent into his bed. Either he had lost interest or he was still plotting.

Keagan had a very classic beauty that one could find in old French paintings of Roman gods and of Shakespearean beings. He had perfect skin and a smooth face that rounded at the chin and was complimented remarkably by deep red-hair, that by now was down to his shoulders, but he always kept it tied back.

Keagan stared at himself, and he stared at Aindreas' make-up. He felt like exploring; it felt like a night for trying new things and searching for new answers to questions. The boy picked up one of his roommates' lipsticks that was lying open on the desk. It was red in colour, not deep, but not too bright. It was about the only sincere colour of lip paint the imp possessed. Keagan stared at it for moments, and then gently, while looking at himself in the mirror, began to apply some, carefully, like he had seen his mother do years ago.

The rouge was beautiful on Keagan's pouty, large lips, and it made the paleness of his skin much more brilliant. Keagan sat back to admire the job he had done, rather pleased with himself for doing so well. He smiled and set down the lipstick, and moved to apply lip gloss (which took awhile to find because all of Aindreas' lip glosses were sparkled and Keagan only wanted a clear one.)

When his lips looked wet and delicious and drinkable, Keagan became so excited and pleased with himself that he decided to do more, and he knew that his eyes would look just as lovely as Aindreas' if he concentrated. He used a black eyeliner and very carefully, even though he poked himself in the eye a few times, was able to make a decent black line underneath his blues. He did the same with the other eye, although he fumbled once. In the end it looked promising enough to move on. He applied eye shadow to his lids (with the wrong brush but it didn't matter), a very dusty orange (since he was going for a red-orange look). His eyelashes, which were naturally abnormally long and curly, were wetted and curled with black mascara, and his eyes were done, after what seemed to be a ferocious amount of time.

Keagan stared at himself. For some reason, although he had never really done this before, but had seen his roommate do it countless times, he knew he had done a fairly good job, and that these colours and the fashion he had chosen looked perfect for him.

The only thing that looked strange was the clothes and the hair. But the hair was easy to fix. He let it fall from its ponytail and lie in wavy curls, framing his face perfectly.

Any individual in the room, no matter the sex or sexual orientation, would have proclaimed that Keagan looked stunning, and about ready for a night on the town.

The problem was Keagan didn't have any real clothes to go with the make-up.

But he knew someone who did.

It was nearly midnight when the dorm room opened and slipped closed, and Keagan, wrapped tightly in his jacket, looked up and down the hall to make sure the cost was clear. But he was sure that the school was practically empty. It was always empty on a Friday night. So, with light confidence, he slipped down the hall towards the stairwell, quietly as though he was afraid to get caught by a student, or worse – one of his teachers. He knew he should have been back in his room hard at work on his reports and studies...but what harm could one night out possibly do?

Keagan began skipping down the stairs once he reached them. This was difficult and rather dangerous in the shoes that he had borrowed from Aindreas' closet. They were the only ones in there that didn't have 10 inch heels and glittered like some sort of Mardi Gras mask. But they were still high and they hurt his ankles. He wanted to go back and trade them for his old, comfortable sneakers, but he decided he'd better not, it would clash with the rest of his outfit. He was trying to remember where the Bacca di Sangue was located, but he remembered Aindreas saying that if you asked anyone on the C-train for directions, all of them would know.

This made Keagan feel worse at the time.

It was a lovely night out and that much was a free plus. It was nearing the summer and the trees and grass had resumed their lovely emerald glow, even in the dark of night. The wind was warm and caressing and felt good against Keagan's form, especially when he felt so revealing in the clothes he had borrowed from Aindreas. Once again they were the least shocking to be found in the young man's wardrobe, but at the same time it made Keagan slightly uncomfortable and a little self-conscience. However you couldn't go to the hottest nightclub in town wearing your grey slacks and a white collar shirt, so these clothes would have to do.

Plus Keagan had brought his coat, and this would provide lengthy coverage for the time being.

Keagan went through a great deal of anxiety outside as he waited for the bus. Upon looking up at his school he noticed several of the dorm windows were bright with light and it made him chew his lip in worry. Either those students were hard at work at their desks and computers, or they were having sex with the lights on. He wondered if he should hurry upstairs and get back to work, and forget that he had thought any of this, that he had ever tried on any makeup or clothes that his roommate possessed. He should just go back up to his room and keep working...he had to be in bed soon anyway.

However, before Keagan could make up his mind, he boarded the bus and was staring up at his school as it pulled away from him and disappeared slowly into the darkness, and he was trapped.

Keagan tried to settle down, looking around at the other passengers to try and distract himself from his nervousness. There didn't seem to be anyone who noticed how he was dressed or how his makeup was done, almost as if they were so used to it that they paid no mind. He kept to himself for the entire trip, staring down at his polished fingernails and taking in deep, edgy breathes.

The bus pulled into downtown momentarily, and Keagan sucked in a deep breath. Oh, he was so far away from the dorm and from that work on his desk that was far from being finished. He bit down on his lip, staring at the lit-up towers of the downtown area. He tried to remember where the club was, because he was certain Aindreas had told him where it was once before, but now he couldn't quite remember. However, when he reached the heart of the club, he stepped off the bus, and immediately spotted a few people walking off into an alley, who looked like they were dressed to do some heavy clubbing.

Keagan knew that they were his best bet, so he followed them, trying to look like he knew where he was going.

He didn't downtown, he didn't like it at all. It was too dark, even though there were so many street lamps and the towers were so lit up. He felt unprotected and nervy, feeling as though there was someone following him. He should have brought something that would secure his some pepper spray or even a small knife. He hated downtown and how unsafe it made him feel.

Keagan hurried towards the alleyway where he had seen the people disappear. Already he could hear the sounds of deep club music pumping up loudly through the cement that he walked on. Something inside him shivered with excitement. He turned into the corner and found the entrance to the club he had heard so much about.

You could tell it was the entrance, because there were two very large bouncers standing at the doors with their arms crossed, and the sign above them that glowed in blood red light read in very suave writing: Bacca di Sangue.

Keagan stood and watched for a moment. Several people this way and that came in and walked through the club's doors, after they were welcomed briefly by the bouncers. The music was louder, and KEagan sucked in a deep breath, wondering if this was really such a good idea or not.

He walked slowly towards the entrance. The music became deep and embedded in the ground. It seemed that the nearby cars seemed to shake. For moments the boy seemed to be having some problem walking steadily.

Keagan went to the entrance and stared for moments at the sign above the door, and at the two large bouncers that were watching him suspiciously. He swallowed and gave them a tiny smile, before he stepped forward and reached for the door.

The minute he touched the handle his body was rushed with something he had never felt before. Something incredible, suddenly he understood why the club was so addictive. He shook the thought off and as he entered he wondered...would he be leaving as the same person he was when he went in?

He'd have to see.

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