banished a skyscraper,
for it made cars look like ants
that could not be killed with
a magnifying glass and that
irritated me.

planted a mimosa
in my sequioa forest
as tall unbending honour
needs a bit of cowardice

(then they called me CHILD)

scattered fairy dust
on Granny sitting in her
Victorian mahagony high-backed
chair so that she wouldn't
ache so.

spirited mascara
off the shelves of
Isetan for people use far
too much of it in their
speech nowadays.

(now they call me fool)

but living among clouds
is new and lonely;
crutches(you) are a luxury
and forbidden.

-for jang melly &phang.

A/N: Feeling kinda confused going to CAP without you guys- it won't feel the same gah.