Chapter 1

Being a teenage is a really hard task. People say it's the best years of your life and that you should enjoy it and live your life to the full during these teenage years. Aren't these people forgetting the spots, mood swings, exam stress, work load and of course the old age problem, love. Love maybe a strong word to use, but the boyfriend/ girlfriend problem plays a huge part in the life of a teenager. Let me start from the beginning.

My name is Charlotte and I'm 16 years old. All the girls in my class have a boyfriend or have at least had a few boyfriends since the age of 13, and then there is me. When people in my year ask me if I have had a boyfriend, I admit to having one, as I did have one…at my third birthday party when little Johnny, aged 3, told me he loved me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. You may laugh, but Johnny (who now likes to be called Jon) is now my best friend. We tried going out with each other as boyfriend and girlfriend a couple of years ago but it didn't work out as we didn't really fancy each other and as we were about to kiss we burst out laughing and both agreed it was best to remain friends. So here I am at another party sitting in the corner on my own waiting for some really cute guy who is single to comes into the room, but of course as usual all the really nice guys are taken and the only single boys are either gay or really dull and boring. All the other people here are 'couples', they are sitting down holding hands or kissing and there is soft music in the background. After a few minutes I decide to go into the garden and sit on my own. As I went into the garden the warm air was a real comfort to me and I sat on a bench on the grass.

Suddenly, the patio door opened and I heard footsteps behind me and I assumed it was Lauren (the girl whose party is was) coming to check up on me and suggest I go back indoors, which there was no way I was going to do. However, it wasn't Lauren. Some one came to sit next to me on the bench, I felt a bit uncomfortable with the silence, as being the friendly person that I am I expected them to at least introduce themselves and didn't see why I should talk first as they joined me. I decided to say something in the end otherwise the silence won't end. I turn to the person, I was about to talk but something stopped me. Beside me was the most good looking boy I had ever seen. I gazed into his eyes and the words just wouldn't come out of my mouth. I felt like I'd gone to heaven and back, he was so…perfect! Don't get any ideas and think this is like one of those fairytales because it isn't, although it felt like it.