Someone really needs to teach this girl manners.

On Monday, we went to Mango Tango's (a restaurant down in Cancun, Mexico). Indeed, at the same time, my dad's girlfriend, her daughter and I all had to go to the bathroom. Yet the bathroom only had four stalls. And only one was taken. Perfect!

Or not so much.

As I was opening the door to the stall nearest me (and yes, I know it sounds weird), Laura, my dad's girlfriend's daughter, pushed me out of the way, saying, "I'm not going in that one." Yeah, it had 'stuff' still in it. Gross, I know, and I almost gagged. So I waited, and she was the first one done.

As soon as I close the door, her mom gets out and Laura complains, "she's taking forever, mom," and thinks I can't hear it. God, I wanted to smack her!

Three girls and one guy in one hotel room with one shower does not work. I take the shortest shower, lasting no more than fifteen minutes, in and out. And I have hair that nearly reaches mid-back, and it's really thick, too- lots of shampoo.

So I'm out of the shower in a little under fifteen minutes and I'm pulling on some undies and a pink flowered skirt (no, I did not want to buy it- my dad's girlfriend got it for me), and in come my dad and Laura's mom. And she asks Laura if she's ready.

"I haven't even gotten in the shower yet, mom," she said. And I'm thinking, do they think I'm practically deaf? Hello!

The day my dad and I got into Cancun, Laura was already sun burned. Ok, yeah, time to rewind.

If you know me, I was supposed to be in Cancun a little after noon on Thursday. So we're waiting for our turn to get out plane tickets and when it comes, they said I needed a birth certificate to board the plane. Dad didn't bring it and I knew and I started crying. Then they said I needed papers from my mom, saying I could go (thanks to my dad's girlfriend). So, they, as in Laura and her mom, went, and my dad and I caught the next earliest plane out: Saturday.

We get to the hotel at nine, get on our swimsuits, and go down to the pool, swim, and then come back up. And all along,Laura was complaining about her sunburn. And that day, it's just on the back of her legs and a little on the back- not nearly as bad as I have it now.

At the airport coming home yesterday, she scratched me. I don't know if it was on accident or on purpose, but I said ow. And she said, "you really have to stop complaining, Emma, it's getting really annoying."

If we had not been in a public area, I would hurt her bad. No, scratch that. If my dad and her mom hadn't been there, I would have hurt her real bad. I don't care about the public thing.

Taking a vacation is awesome, but it sucks so bad when you have to go with your stepsister-to-be.

AN: Names have been changed to what Laura called us down in Cancun. Hopefully she doesn't read this. Or any of her friends. But then again, I could care less. I'm Emma, by the way. I think I said that, though.