A/N: I wrote this for a creative writing class I took last year. It's about the classroom directly across the hall from our classroom.

Schneider 305

The hallways of Schneider Social Sciences were silent. It was 3 o'clock in the morning, and I just wanted to see exactly what was in room 305.

My footsteps echoed hollowly as I walked down the hall to the mysterious archaeology lab. I checked behind me to make sure I wasn't being watched and pulled a bobby pin from my hair. I was going to get in one way or another. I slipped the pin into the lock and wiggled it around.

After a short struggle, I heard a faint 'click' as the door unlocked. Yes. I was in. I did another quick check over my shoulder and slowly pushed the door open. What I saw inside was nothing I expected.

In front of me, even before I turned on the light, sat a glowing green ball. It was about 3 feet wide by 5 feet tall. It was a ferocious fluorescent green with a slight aura around it.

"What the hell?" I asked myself. I almost started walking towards it, then realized I should turn on the light, so I returned to the doorway and fumbled around for the light switch.

As soon as the light was on, I was amazed by the other items in the room. "Holy shit," I muttered.

The green ball was actually some sort of a spaceship. So there are aliens in here, I thought before examining the other contents of the room.

I walked over to a large steel freezer and opened it gently. "Oh my God," I murmured, completely disgusted by the vast array of body parts stuffed into the box. I quickly closed the lid and walked over to a table containing a pile of books and numerous piles of random papers. I picked up one of the books. It said, 'How To Make A Math Major – The Insider's Guide.'

"I knew it!" I exclaimed softly, setting it down again. I looked at my watch and decided I should get out of there because it was almost 4 in the morning.

Just as I was locking the door again, I saw a bright flash in the room, and I tried to run away.

But it was too late.

Now I'm a math major.