Half A Bagel With (Lite) Cream Cheese

ive been doing some thinking thinking about how

much different my life could be now what if i had

known then what i know now would i be a better

person for letting my true colors shine through

like little crystalline shards of what used to

be my heart or could i just forget any of that

stupid poetic bullshit thats all my life is now a

boring tasteless world like lite cream cheese on

half a bagel who even eats lite cream cheese

i dont even like cream cheese so what am i

complaining about war stupid people that

ride in convertibles on rainy days like stormy

nights always last forever there i go with the

fucking poetry again pointless like a dull

pencil damn thats why you should use computers

to write a tale tall tales of love and all that

jazz great gatsby era music i dont listen to

jazz either so why should i care i keep repeating

like a never ending train that rolls into the

night that was a good one like the time you fell

on your ass in front of the guy you liked yeah

and everyone thinks youre straight straight as

a pretzel with mustard pretzels with mustard

just sounds gross ever notice how the word gross

just has a nasty sound to it there i go again

being observant as shit in a plugged-up john

now that was really gross who else comes up with

this stuff but me must be the late hour but

its only 12:27 in the morning light my fire ooh

the doors i wonder how they came up with the

doors i wonder how much different it wouldve

been if they were the windows to the soul or

some corny bullshit like that pretty funny

looking like a monkey i never really got into

the whole liking monkeys craze theyre just

monkeys for chrissakes i should be nicer to my

brother but he can be an asswipe at time like

these hey another song that never ends like

when people leave their alarm clocks on over

the weekend is not even close to being here which

sucks major ass im sick of school days and nights

in white satin there i go again with songs for the

deaf which happens to be a cd by queens of

the stone age interesting name for a band of

gypsys tramps and thieves im on a roll of dice

equaling 12 or less that what im really worth

ever wonder how much money youre worth like

if you wanted to sell yourself on ebay and nobody

bid on you id feel like shit if that happened so

i wouldnt do that if i were you naughty boy

you should always listen to your mommy knows

best so dont try ignoring that ticking in your ear