A/N: This was supposed to be a sestina that I wrote for a class...I know it doesn't fit the exact format for a sestina, but it's still a good poem regardless of structure.

Time For A Change

Just as the trees will grow, a person will always feel. If there are no

emotions, there is nothing. Deep in her heart, she knows he has those

feelings. She gazes out the window of the room, wondering what lies in store

for them. Will he announce his feelings to the world? Doubtful. He will

maybe lie around like a throw rug, or he could jump onto the highest

building and scream he loves her. Time never knows change, and she won't

know how to change it. The boy appears in the doorway of the general store.

She jumps up from her perch by the window and vows to herself she won't

make a fool out of herself. As she smooths out her skirt, she watches those

beautiful eyes of his gazing at the displays. She would jump off the highest

mountain just to be with him. As he brings his items to the counter, will

someone see the love in his eyes? He wants her to, but she has absolutely no

concept of his devotion. She rings up the purchase, and as she hands him no

change, looks into his eyes. Then and there she realizes he loves her, but will

he admit it? There's only one way to find out. I have dealt some pretty high

hands, she finds herself saying, but I need to risk it all to know. I won't

expire from my life until I find true love. Yes, he interrupts, inside this store,

I have found my love. She squeals with delight, and jumps into those

muscular arms she has dreamt about so long. They twirl around, subtly high

on life. An elderly couple strolls by the window. Look at the love. They will

never be parted, the woman sighs. Just as we have never been. Through no

crisis have we been separated, the man responds. The girl working won't

return to her work, a co-worker complains. The manager replies, Those

teenagers were meant for each other. They know it, and the whole store

knows it. The two lovebirds escape like prison inmates, and vow they will

never look back on their empty lives. She announces to the world she won't

give up on love again. He simply smiles and takes her hand. For, the highest

of lords will realize their love was meant to be. They know what's in store

for the two, and await it with open arms and hearts. For there will be no

heartbreak, and we all realize the importance love brings. All of those

experiencing broken hearts think they will never love again, but the rest will

find it where it's least expected. The real meaning to the girl and boy is no

hidden one. They have found their soul mate, just as we all will. The high

school awaits their arrival, and so do their parents. They had waited. Those

who were against them now see how wrong they were. Will they or won't

they spend their lives together? They most likely will, but what's in store

may not be what they expected. It may be an easy love, and each store

that sells happiness may be open, but then again, this could be the highest

slope they'll ever climb. Will they forget their first love? No.