Take my dying heart
And save it with your own
Look beyond the way it shows
To be a cold-grown stone

Don't be afraid of the blood
Dripping off its cover
Hold it tightly against you
Try to see and to discover

Take my crying heart
And wipe the tears with your own
Don't be fooled by the regret
Flowing down the bone

I trust you with it all
My mind, my heart, my soul
Feed it with your thoughts
That'll try to make me whole

Take my fighting heart
And protect it with your own
It still has a long way to go
Before it's finally grown

Don't let it turn cold
In this dark and lonely world
Please don't kill the life
Inside this little girl

So take my blackened heart
And combine it with your own
Make it shine and beautiful
I don't need a heart of my own

Just promise you won't shatter it
Into teeny tiny shards
Give it the love and care
That only you have in your heart