Thunderstorms and Rainy Walks......

Thunderstorms and Rainy Walks-

This is my romance

Torrents of rain and cracking thunder

Dripping wet and freezing cold

Standing in the middle of it all

With you by my side

I've never been warmer in my life

And a smile lights up the dark skies

A grey day turns bright

The hours stretch into night

Still with you and there's no place I'd rather be

Then in the safe embrace of your arms around me

Our laughter echoes in the skies

As the rain continues its attack

Jumping to avoid puddles

And still landing in them with a smack

Splashing water all around

Falling rain the only sound

As silence takes over

And echoes on the glistening ground

It's just you and me

Hidden by a veil of rain

Still believing we're invisible

Whilst beginning to warm up again