Unsure and wary
Visiting the depths of thought
Can be a little scary

You're so afraid to question
Your notions of reality
How you think life is supposed to be
That your life lacks true restoration

You live in a glass cocoon
A crystal prison
It is a fool's boon

Glittering and beautiful to behold
An admirable cage
Is this where you wish to grow old?

But just as your entrapment is beautiful
So are the colors upon a coral snake
As it slithers through a sun bleached skull

Shall you live in a padded room safe from reality?
Embracing the soft madness of intellectual starvation
Your fragile bliss so sweet as your future wastes away

Melancholy kisses my eyes
And sadness touches my heart
Her delicate fingers like ice
Gazing into history it is hardly a surprise
So many end up exactly where they start
They life little more that a funeral's price

Your existence lacks life
Your soul lacks strife
It is too easy to be the right path
So with my words I shall cut a swath
I shall harvest your lies and burn them away
So in the end Truth shall be the only thing to stay

I pity you and your ignoble crystalline bliss
How often do you even in joy drink from the cup of grief?
Only you can open your eyes to see your life of remiss

You cannot even begin to understand what it's like
Looking out upon a world empty, shallow, and weak
Filled with such pain for your fellow man you can hardly speak
Unable to reach through their glass prisons and raise them up

Maybe I see more than you do, maybe I don't
But I walk through this world with eyes wide open
Maybe I understand more than you do, maybe I don't
But I walk through this world with eyes wide open

You can try to look out through your shell
Looking in I can see nothing but a wise man's hell
Your notions of how reality is supposed to be
Even though your cage has nothing to do with the true reality
Inside it is nothing but a mirror surface
Reflecting its own notions back at you, so out of place
The only way you can ever truly see
Is if you shatter your filtered reality
Break out of your prison of thought
Then the wisdom that your newfound suffering has brought
You will open your eyes and learn what this world is really
You will open your eyes and finally See

But not if you fear shattering what you believe
Never unless you break your mirrored sieve
Because the world is more complex than just you
And you will have to truly search for what is True
If it's easy to accept or feels right
Has no bearing on Truth, this world is black and white
So stop living in a prison of a thousand shades of gray
And finally start living your life today

Your life and what your prison says is true
Is meaningless, nothing but black and blue
A world of black and white must frighten you

But your fear is meaningless in the real world
As it lingers around your bubble, stealthily curled
Because if you don't break out
Then one day it will break in
And you will never be whole again