Chapter One

By- Eosphorus and Talyn Gray

July 17, 3039

It's snowing again, like it does almost everyday in Downtown City. Yes, Downtown City. I've moved here a year after my last entry. I guess I've gotten into the habit of recording what I've done since I left the Office. The war between Humans and Demons has been going on for a few hundred years now.

I had better go to work now; the butcher is the only one who'll let me work for him. He's human under the façade of a demon, and as a part of our agreement, I'll protect him to the best of my ability, and hunt Demon flesh for his business.


The Fire Demon sighed as he shut down the old computer more than a hundred years old, like himself. He looked around his surroundings. He lived in a dingy apartment with dirt water stains on the walls and on the floors. He thought he saw a rat scurry across the floor, but shrugged. It wasn't uncommon.

He glanced out the window, it was dark, like always. The Demons had taken away sunlight, and without sunlight, the human race was slowly dying out. When he had been in the Office, he'd tried to put a stop to the war. Why couldn't Demons and Humans live in peace?

Roe sighed, picked up his old leather jacket from the back of his chrome chair and put it on, careful that his bat-like wings went through the two holes in the back. Since he was a Fire Demon it was easy to become unhealthy in the dark where coldness reigned. But of course, he was an upper level demon (hence his wings) and he didn't need much protection other than his jacket. He wrapped his black wool scarf around his neck, making sure it was warm and tight.

Picking up his keys and walking out the door, he hummed a song; a soft, lilting tune that floated over his tongue night and day. It was a song his mother had sung to him when he was a child. He'd long since forgotten the words, but the melody still stuck with him, haunting. Though he was old in human years, he was rather young in Demon years; approximately twenty two.

He walked down to the first floor, where the avocado green walls were decayed and moldy. Roe could hear the yelling of other tenants far above. He hated living in Downtown City, but there was no where else to go.

Exiled from the Office, any other city would've executed him or taken him back to the Office for some hefty money, but Downtown city was full of criminals and other shady characters. Unless they wanted to be taken in as well, they'd be wise to stay away.

Roe had once been famous. To get to the top of the Office, you had to fight off other 'politicians.' He could bitterly remember his downfall, but refused to mope in it.

He strolled down Teed Street, listening to the crunching sounds of his feet on fallen snow, and making sure to keep his eyes focused ahead. It was dark, the only light emitting from streetlights that were on 24/7. He sniffed at the frigid air and suddenly stopped. The air tasted, smelled metallic, like blood; human blood. He brushed it off, knowing that dead human in the street wasn't irregular, and that the scent of one shouldn't bother him. But the farther Roe got, the more curious he got about it.

Finally giving in, he began to pace back, following where the blood scent was the strongest, and found himself in a deserted alleyway. Dirt, cold vomit, and the stench of rotting foods reached his sensitive nose, but there it was. The human he'd been searching for. He sighed, feeling sorry for the poor soul. She looked young, maybe seventeen, eighteen, or nineteen, blonde hair was strewn and dirty, giving it a murky color.

He was about to continue on his way when Roe noticed one thing no human should have. Lightly tanned skin. It was impossible for any human to have tan skin unless he or she was magical, or owned a UV Cafe. There had been darkness for years, and Roe's own skin had become pale and papery. Her clothes looked like rags sewn together, and they had dried blood as well as new blood on them. On instinct, he quickly ran up to her, lifting her dirty body to see her face. He knew that the vomit in the alley wasn't hers, it didn't smell like her. She was alive and had a pretty appearance, high cheekbones, a soft angular face, and long dark lashes hung over her cheeks. She was light as a feather and he picked her up.

What the hell was he doing!? He quickly sat down again. Why was he helping a human? The human race was doomed to fail, so why help? Dead bodies were the norm, but saving one certainly was not.

But there was something about the girl that drew him to her, something that called to him, and he wasn't about to ignore it.

"Oye," he said, shaking her shoulders a bit, "Can you wake up?"

She didn't move as he predicted, and he heaved a sigh before sitting up again with her in his arms. He would call in sick for work. He still had three or so more sick days left. He wanted to find out what it was about the girl that intrigued him so much.

Roe took off his worn leather jacket and wrapped it around her, covering her face and took a moments time to mask her human scent with his own demonic one.

She kicked and screamed as the young Demon boy pushed her against the cold bricks of the building, almost crushing her shoulders.

"Be a good little human," he warned, ebony black eyes dancing as his hands caressed her sides.

"Let me go!" she shrieked, terrified as she clawed at his arms. No one would come, at least not for her. Maybe a Demon would get annoyed with her screaming and come along? He laughed as he brought his face near hers and licked the dirt off her cheek. "Ew! Gross!" she screamed, giving him a firm knee in the middle of his legs. He gasped, but his grip only tightened on her shoulders.

"Be a good human," he threatened. She screamed again, clawing at his arms. It had no affect. He was a Stone Demon with skin harder than a diamond. He pushed his hips against hers, and she cried out with an earsplitting scream. Her clothes were still on, but not for long if she'd read the hungry look in his eyes correctly.

"Let me go!!" she repeated. Suddenly she felt an incredible burning sensation in her chest, it felt like thousands of white hot searing knives where tearing into her. The last thing she saw was the Demon looking at her in shock, and then doubling over in pain. He fell to the ground and wretched.

Ryley wasn't partial to waking up in an apartment; she had spent most of her life on the streets after her family was killed. She wasn't partial to being in a bed, nor was she partial to be staring into the dark red eyes of a man. Surprised, she immediately sat up and accidentally banged her head against his.

"Owowowowow!" she chanted, rubbing her forehead. She looked up and saw the man she'd been staring at, also rubbing fervently at his head. He was actually quite attractive. He looked about six foot with a pale complexion and dark black hair, so dark that she almost mistook it for blue. But he was a Demon according to the leathery ebony black wings attached to his back.

"You might wanna-"

"You raped me!" It came out of her mouth before she could stop it, even though she knew that the Demon who'd cornered her had had black eyes. She decided to take it and run with it. Maybe it would prolong her death.

He blinked.

Roe stared at her, almost daring himself to laugh.

"What the hell..?" he said aloud.

"You raped me!" she shrieked again, and he could see tears pool in her eyes, "Why the hell didn't you kill me, you asshole?!"

At this rate the other Demon tenants would hear. That was not good.

She grabbed his hands and shook them pointedly, but he gave her a blank stare.

Roe was mildly surprised that she'd gotten over her trauma so quickly, but she was being too loud. He was about to clasp his hand over her loud mouth, but quickly realized that his hands were full with… Well… her hands… It felt like he couldn't let go.

He quickly worked up his resolve and courage and quickly clasped his mouth over hers. He thought it would shut her up, like in the old Human movies, but apparently, movies weren't real life. The result was that she screamed louder and louder. He ripped his hands from her, and wrapped a hand over her mouth.

"Listen," he whispered, "I didn't rape you. I swear it on my Demon's honor. I found you in an alleyway and brought you back here. I am going to let go of you now. Do not scream. You'll annoy the other tenants, and unless you want to be dead within point five seconds, I recommend you shut up."

Ryley began to tremble in fear. She hadn't nodded yet, but it seemed that the ability had been robbed from her. She couldn't move, she was so terrified. She squeezed her eyes shut, making tears fall and hating herself for it. She had promised never to cry again when she'd been ten. She didn't want to start now. Of course she sometimes added fake tears, some Demons would leave her alone. But this was the first time in years she could feel honest tears rolling down her dirty cheeks.

Would he really not kill her? He stared at her with such honesty… but no, Demons were all alike, no matter what. They all wanted was sex, power, and blood. She felt herself grow angry at the Demon before her. Why hadn't he just let her die? She had always wanted her miserable life to end, and would have ended it herself if the last words out of her mother's lips hadn't been "live."

She suddenly felt something rush through her like a tidal wave, and she felt a familiar pain race through her chest. She screamed, her voice muffled against his hand, and tears of agony running down her cheeks. He yelped and abruptly let go of her, holding his hand away from him as if it had burned him. An immense feeling of relief filled her as the pain ebbed away, leaving nothing but a dull throb.

Ryley suddenly found herself breathing harshly, with beads of cold sweat running down her brow. She stared at him as he whipped his large hand in the air, trying to cool his burning hand.

What had happened?

Roe stared at her like she was some kind of oddity. Ok, well it was obvious she held some kind of power now. She looked weak and skinny, not to mention dirty, but she was still regarding him with a terrified look through lavender eyes.

"I didn't do anything, I swear," he reassured, but she was still tense. "I found you in the alley."

She was shaking, and there were tear tracks across her face. He sighed, running a hand through his dark hair.

"Listen, I need to wash my sheets now that you've mussed them up with your scent," he told her. "I have a screwy bathroom over there-" he pointed "-you can take a shower. I promise I won't kill you, rape you, or otherwise force myself on you to cause bodily harm. Happy?"

She stared at him.

"My name is Roe. You are…?"


"Listen, I could kill you, but what would that do for me? I'd have the stench of Human blood everywhere and a dead body I would need to get rid of. I won't kill you."

More silence.

Roe heaved another sigh and grabbed her wrist. She gave a faint squeak as he picked her up bridal style, stalked over to the bathroom and set her down gently on the floor. She blinked at him, seemingly mute. He got up and walked out the door, leaving her staring blankly after him.

He was the weirdest, most odd, nicest, and not to mention hottest Demon Ryley had ever seen and met. Well, he was more blunt than nice, but he hadn't killed her. She got up shakily, dusting herself off vainly before wondering what to do next. There was a click behind her and with a start she realized he'd locked her in the bathroom. Her mind was oddly blank, and she started to do what he'd told her to do. She stripped herself of her so called clothes and stepped into the cracked and well worn shower. It was dirty and had mildew, but it was the first shower she'd seen in years. There wasn't any soap or shampoo or conditioner, but she let the warm water run over her body. She scrubbed at the spots of dirt on her arms and chest and legs, making her skin almost raw. She began to wash her hair, looking disgustedly at the dirty water that fell from it.

Ryley wondered distantly who the Demon was that'd saved her. He'd said his name was Roe. But he didn't seem to fit into the genre of Downtown City. He was almost refined, and the fact that he'd saved her from certain death was beyond intriguing. Most Demons loved to find human cadavers on the streets and take them home to relieve their sexual frustrations as necrophiliacs. But this Roe Demon was different. Demon senses were exceptionally sharp, better than a dogs. He would have known she'd been alive in the alleyway, so why did he save her?

"Yes, that's right," Roe said into the phone, trying to sound sick. "I don't know how it happened. Probably too much cold," he said, referring to his 'illness.' The butcher sighed from across the phone.

"Whatever, Roe. Be here tomorrow. I need you to hunt for some more meat."

"Yes, sir."

He hung up the phone

Roe had to go out and hunt for lower class Demons. Without the sun, livestock and plants couldn't grow. There were UV lights at the Office where plants grew, but that was only for the rich. Demons were cannibals by nature, and even some humans had resorted to hunting for weak Demons to eat. The butcher's was an expensive place, and for Roe, meat was free. It would help if he had a stove and an oven instead of a microwave, but he was poor now.

When the discovery of Demons had taken place around the year of 2600, it had taken three years for the Demons to finally revolt. Lab tests, and humans believing they were so much better. It had been sickening. Government had prohibited them to cages.

There had been a war, it had been far more devastating for the humans than all of the world's wars combined. Humans had indeed finally learned their place.

But to prevent the Demons from dying out with humans, the Demons hadn't completely blocked out the sun. It was more like a sun filter that regulated the amount of heat. Humans had also made crude UV Lights of their own, making underground 'cafés' for themselves to bask in the warmth.

The sound of a door opening brought Roe out of his reverie, and he was met with the scantily clad girl he'd met earlier. She had his small towel wrapped around her body, and he felt his cheeks heat. He wondered how she'd opened the door when he'd locked it, but the building was disintegrating so it didn't really surprise him.

"Uhm…" her voice was small compared to her earlier screaming. "Do you have some clothes I could borrow?"

Stupid, stupid, stupid!! Ryley cursed herself. She had tried to wash her clothes in the shower, but they'd fallen apart. Steam enveloped her figure as well as the towel, and the Demon named Roe turned around and went to his drawers. He tossed her an old gray shirt and a pair of old sweats. Both felt soft and broken-in to the touch.

"Thanks…" she said before disappearing back into the bathroom.

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