Chapter Twenty

By: Talyn Gray and Eosphorus

Vapor punched the wall as soon as he'd entered his room again. It gave a sickening crack as the wall gave way, old wood flying everywhere. Wynd shot up in his bed, looking tired and her hair in perfect disarray. He'd forgotten she was there, and his annoyance increased doubly at the sight of her.

"Get out!" he screamed. She blinked at him, her brain probably sluggish and lame. "OUT!" he roared, this time punching down on the bed mattress. It groaned before giving way, the old legs snapping. The bed sagged forward and Wynd took this as her cue to slide off the bed and run out of the room, one of his sheets around her body.

Vapor used his power to slam the door shut, and he yelled in frustration as he pounded his fists into the bed again.

That idiot! He had no idea what he was doing with that girl! He was jeopardizing the race of Demons, Pyrus' own life!

He whirled around and punched another hole in the wall, making his blue fist turn crimson. He looked at it, fascinated as he licked the blood, taking comfort in the metallic, sweet flavor.


For the next few weeks, Ryley worked on learning how to fight and use that 'power' she supposedly possessed. Even after so many days and weeks, she had yet to see what she could do. Despite Jia's persistent pushing, it hadn't helped at all. They had all seemed to try different tactics, different things to get her to 'work' like some kind of machine.

But even their constant budging didn't seem to make her too depressed. Roe was always waiting for her afterwards with hugs and kisses and words that always seemed to make her heart flutter. He was so… perfect. They had grown considerably closer to each other, and a lot closer to something she didn't know she was ready for. Roe seemed to have wanted to move their relationship on the fast track. Though she couldn't blame him, she wasn't sure what was going on in her head.

She seemed to lose herself when she was with him and it was as if the thought of her dying didn't exist. She didn't accept the prophecy of her death completely, it just seemed so surreal. So Ryley just pretended that it was a fast moving, blurry dream. And in that dream, she would lose herself with Roe and feel no pain.

"You seem quiet," he said, tightening his arms around her waist to kiss her neck. Ryley let out a small giggle, lips curling into a smile. Her fingers squeezed his and she felt his lips grin against her skin.


One of his hands left hers to trail her jaw and bring her face to his.


They jerked apart and looked to where the noise had come from. Sciyon was standing in the threshold of the door, arms crossed, his eyes nearly red.


"Ryley, I want to talk to Roe," he said in a deadly quiet voice, not even looking at her. His piercing glare was dead set on Roe, who was nearly glaring back.

"Sciyon, I--" she attempted to say, but he interrupted.


"I don't want--"

"It's okay, Ryley," Roe told her, his voice just as quiet and deadly as Sciyon's. "It's customary."


She saw Sciyon's eyes widen for a moment, then she saw something akin to rage flare up inside of him. She glanced between them again, sighed to herself, and climbed off Roe's lap before walking out the door and shutting it behind her.

"Customary," Sciyon stated, his tone hard as rock. "Customary? You don't you dare think you're going to--"

"I am," Roe replied, standing up to his full height. "I think it'll save her."

"SAVE HER?!" Sciyon roared, his control seeming to snap. "SAVE HER? How DARE you Pyroe! You use her--her future as an excuse to--"

"It is NOT an excuse!" Roe yelled back, his wings snapping behind him threateningly. "Sharing my--"

Roe found himself violently ripped away from his sentence when Sciyon's fist connected painfully with his jaw. His body jerked backward, but he picked himself up like a rubber band.

"If it's my Demon's consent you're asking, you will never get it, not with Ryley."

Roe carefully touched his jaw with a hand, probing for any breaks, and drew it away covered in blood. He had bit his lip when Sciyon punched him and now a steady flow of crimson sprang from the cut. He licked his lower lip, tasted the warm metallic liquid that filled his mouth, before looking up at Sciyon with unreadable sanguine eyes.

"I don't recall asking you for your consent yet," Roe explained. "But since you seem so intent on not giving it anyway, there is another way I can get it."

Sciyon rose an eyebrow, his eyes still serious and deadly. "You want to clash?"

Roe paused, then said, "Not particularly, but you don't seem to have a level head right now. You're letting your emotions get the best of you."

"How?" he barked in return, baring his teeth. "You are the one who--"

"Wants to save her," Roe finished for him, his red wine eyes boring through the ex-Tech's brown ones. "If I can't save her this way, how are you going to save her?"

"I'd find a way."

"Time's running out Sciyon, how would you find a way? If the Priestesses, most of whom have known of their destiny's since they were born could not find a way in all their years, how could you?"

"I don't know, I just would," Sciyon hissed. Roe's gaze left Sciyon's face for a moment, heaving an annoyed sigh.

"My proposal to clash still stands."


"None, but if I win, I get to save Ryley my way. You win, I can't touch her."

Sciyon grew silent, rolling the thought over and over in his mind. Roe was an ex-TE. He was an ex-Technical Engineer. The odds were slightly in Roe's favor but he loved Ryley too. Maybe not in the same way but it was enough to accept the Roe's proposal.

"Alright," he conceded, "When?"

Roe smiled so that his canines were visible and he truly looked Demonic, "Now."


Ryley tapped her foot and crossed her arms tighter over her chest as she stood outside of Roe's door. It got awfully quiet in there. One minute they were yelling at each other, over her, the next minute was pure silence followed by hushed chatter.

She wished they would speak up, because not being able to know what was going on in that room was driving her out of her mind.

Then she heard something. There was the sound wood splinter and break under pressure, and then glass shatter.

It took her all of three seconds to know what was going on and another two seconds to burst through the door.

The damage was worse than she thought. She didn't even recognize Roe's room. Furniture was in places furniture didn't belong and were strewn all over the room. In the center of the war zone were Roe and Sciyon.

Roe grabbed a fistful of Sciyon's shirt, pulled him towards him, before using his other fist to deliver a hard punch to Sciyon's stomach.

Sciyon doubled over in pain, gasping, before snapping up into a fighting stance and blocked a few more attempts of Roe's.

"Hey!" Ryley called, trying to break up the brawl without actually having to throw herself in the middle of it. "HEY!" she repeated, louder this time, but her words still fell on deaf Demon ears.

She sighed in frustration before picking up a fallen lamp from the littered floor and flung it at them.

It shattered once it collided with both Demon's shoulders and they immediately took a step back to put their attention on Ryley but neither of them were out of their battle stances.

"WHAT are you two DOING?!" she bellowed and both of them finally dropped out of their stances.

"We're clashing," Sciyon answered simply, voice a little ragged.

"Clashing? Wha—Why?!" She knew it had something to do with her but she wanted exact details.

"It's a Demon thing, Ryley," Roe explained before walking over to her, spinning her around, clamping both of his hands roughly on her shoulders before leading her out of room. "Don't worry," he added, landing a quick peck on the lips before closing the door in her face. She licked her lips and tasted blood; nose wrinkling.

Ryley winced when she heard another item in the room break that signaled they resumed their 'clash'.


It has been a good five minutes since she heard the last signs of fighting. Either they were both dead or close to it.

When one of the Priestesses or one of the Human's came down the hall after hearing the commotion she just shooed them away. She wasn't sure why she was letting them continue fighting each other but something was telling her to leave them alone.

Finally, she turned the doorknob and pushed open the door. She stuck her head in first, assessing the damage of the room and the Demons before she entered fully.

When her violet eyes fell upon the Demons she couldn't help but let out a chuckle. "You two are pathetic."

Roe opened a wine colored eye, winced, then closed it again. Sciyon actually lifted his head off of the floor, stopped when he exceeded an inch, then set it back down and moaned.

Both were sprawled out on the floor, visibly beat to bloody pulps until they could no longer fight.

She walked over to Sciyon first, since he was the closest to her, and helped him stand. It took a while before his legs would finally support him, but he had just enough strength to walk the few steps that would take him to the bed. Before he sat down, Ryley dusted off the debris that covered a good half of the bed.

Then she made her way over to Roe.

He was going to be difficult to get up since he was lying on his stomach with his wings wrapped around him. She grabbed his hand and tugged up until he was precariously balanced on his knees. She then wrapped an arm around his waist and helped him stand on wobbly feet.

When both Demons were situated on the bed, still looking like they were about to keel over and still kill each other, she couldn't help but ask the question she was dying to hear the answer to. "So, who won?"

Roe looked over at Sciyon, a wicked smile on his face. "I did."

"You did not! I won!" Sciyon protested.

"What do you mean 'you' won? I was the one who—"

"You were the won to lost."

"I did not lose!"

When Ryley cleared her throat rather loudly both Demons' snapped to attention. "From where I'm standing, neither of you won."

When they both took a moment to reassess their situation they silently agreed.

"Same time tomorrow?" Roe asked, full attention on Sciyon's bloody face.

"You're on," he agreed before both of them shook on it.

When they focused their attention back on Ryley she was glaring daggers at them, forcing them to look at the floor in order to avoid her gaze.


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