Introduction – Cameron

"Oh gotta see, gotta know it right now. What's that riding on your everything? It isn't anything at all. Oh gotta see, gotta know right now." Modest Mouse

Senior year always seemed like something out of reach for me. Yes, I Cameron Akamira, the Asian half breed, thought that his hybrid mind was too smoke filled to get me through high school. But I have one person to thank for me even making it to where I am right now, registration day. That person is Kara Pegoda, by deep longing for her in my arms has helped me get through high school. I strived to stay in school so that I could see her morning and every day. If I dropped out then it was a gurantee that I wouldn't get to see her as often, which is one of my greatest fears, but I digrees, I am not here to tell you about my love life. But that kiss we shared, that was the best I've ever had in my life. Not that Kara would ever feel that way about it, she was so happy with David, that I doubt she even remembers the time we kissed. And again, I've started to rant about Kara. But as I wait in this line to be registrated as a Senior at Kingston High School, I have two feelings. The first is that sinking feeling that by the end of my senior year I might not be out of the football field I can see out in the distance. I might be sitting on the side of the street crying about how much of a fuck up I am. But that won't happen, surely it won't. There's my other feeling, hope. Hope that I might pass and make it to that football field and get to stand up on that podium and take my diploma.

Now I should introduce myself to you little black composition book. I've ranted for a good five minutes about everything else, so I'll tell you a little about myself. First, I'm a mutt, I'm half asian and half white. I commonly find myself either letting my hair fall into my eyes, pulled to some force on the right side of my body or spiked into a mowhawk. Theres something about a 'hawk that makes me feel cool and everytime I wear my hair like that Kara gives me just a little more attention. In my closet right now is a pair of my own jeans that I got for christmas last year, a brand new yellow Krooked shirt that I bought last week, a pair of dickies that I stole from Kara because they were too big for her, and a few other items of mis matched clothing I borrowed/ stole, from my other friends. But with my new job at the bookstore my grandmother owns, I'll finally be able to buy my own clothes instead of stealing from my friends. I must admit its nice to wear something new every once in a while. Anyway, I'm getting off track again, my need for new clothes had nothing to do with what I wanted to share with you. On appearance, I think its muchh more obvious that I'm part white, the asian part is only obvious with my black hair and theres a slight resemblance with my eyes, but since I'm not fully asain, its not very obvious. I'm a pretty laid back guy, that just tries to get through everyday with any "drama". And usually after school my friends and I either hang out at someone's house, have band practice, or just chill at the skate park. But I must say the best band practices we have are when Kara's there. With her there I always feel like I'm playing for her and I try as hard as I can not to mess up. Why does everything always end up back to her? I really should stop talking now. You'll learn more about me later anyway, just don't dissapoint me and I won't dissapoint you.

:P –Cameron

((Author Note: Okay, you may notice that this story was originally supposed to be in Karas perspective, but I changed it so that its more than just her perspective. And I changed Kara's introduction, so if you read it before you should probably go back and re-read it. But there aren't that many changes, just a few spelling edits and a few changes in sentences so that they sound better. And please drop me a review! Thanks to everyone that reviewed the last chapter!))