A/N: Written in insanity, the best time. Enjoy. Review. Or I shall be forced to threaten you with a twinkie…

Mind if I tempt you?

Uncontrollable emotions

Hold my withering sanity

Drink the chaos my life ensures.

Come bowing to my throat

Throw you cup into my cavity

To feel the burning cold

Tempt my waning sensual episodes

Crawling from a bursting socket.

Stability is a paradox

And night is light in my mind,

Mind if I tempt you?

Share in the dangerous blue-violet plane

Where glass is fluid

And music transparent

My world of hollow, silent screams

Icy fires, and enmity in love

And broken toys to make children cry

You can save me from my fitful solitude

And make my father's voice go away

Mind if I tempt you?

Where forever is a long time

And cars shrink to disappear

And you and I can fly on radiance descending

And all is lost in moments past.

Mind if I tempt you?

Come here to stay

Break the cycle of the winds that bite

The laughter like shards of glass to flesh

It could be shared with you.

Shatter the air

And time could go backwards,

Back to when you could love me.

Mind if I tempt you?

Do you have a choice?

No one does.

If you have seen the eyes of the saneless horror

There is no white pill to take you back.

Mind if I tempt you?