A/N: A Ouija session. Winnowa has asked that her full identity not be revealed… here is a part of the experience.

She whispers in my mind

And coos a placid lullaby

Wood sighs across the glass

A story unfolds for my eyes

Hands cold but steady, reading

Numb from fingertips to elbows

Her life is poured out for me

With secrets only I now know

"The passage to the river

With water flowing black

My father struck hard with a crowbar

My family left, no looking back."

A name like flowers churning

A journey from so far

She speaks to me, all giving

"I try, but this is hard."

When asked about the Luman boy

She says "good boy, so strong.

She knows of Keegan and Kay, too

Wise from long years gone.

Winnowa knows of God

"Forever is a long time"

We meet again in one month

To talk of the sublime.