There was something not quite right about her new town. Eve Nox and her brothers left Hidden Valley to make a new life from the controversial mess of their last. At eighteen and already with a murder charge under her belt and a tendency for extreme physical violence, Eve's alliance with equally unstable bad boy Christian makes her brand new enemies and runs her into more trouble than even she can handle. Together they find out that corruption of the authorities that are supposed to protect them can be more hard to prove than their own innocence.


Three pairs of gloved hands worked furiously against the clock in a German Pharmacy. An alarm was sounding overhead and three nervous twenty-five year old CIA operatives, blood brothers and a well-equipped team, had just completed the third stage of the Virus retrieval program, operation 'Waterloo'. Waterloo was completed when the final of them, Dr D'Arkell, jumped aboard, and handed the phials over to the head operative. He pressed on his earpiece to hear over the deafening whooping of the choppers.

"We have the virus and the antivirus. Successful duplication occurred. Made it look like a break-in, Capcom."

"Very good mountaineer. Come home, and celebrate."

Back at base operations, the phials were authenticated. The scientists discovered an undesirable trait in the Antidote.

"Well, it's Organic, unlike it's virus, which means it will die without a host."

"So... This isn't the real antivirus?"

"No, we've tested it, and it is, but it's just impossible to store without complication."

"So, it's like a virus in itself, but it needs a-"

"Human Petrie dish." He nodded. "All the time."

Six months passed, and a secret paper was signed. Any children that the membersfathered had to be impregnated with the solution, and then, the largest and longest-running operation of it's kind anywhere in the world, Operation 'Adam and Eve' was put into effect. 'Adam and Eve's purpose was to guarantee an successfully infected hosts states of wellbeing. Any diseases, or serious incidents would incite the body's own natural defences, and so destroying the delicate equilibrium the antivirus had with the human body, rendering them useless.

Dangerous Creatures.

Christian's father called and Christian answered, not knowing it'd be the father he got to see maybe twice a year for a week at most. He lifted the receiver, and heard his voice.



"Yeah. Can you come get me at the airport?"

"Which one?" He joked.



An engaged tone met his lonely ears. He sighed and lowered the receiver, and, with one quick unadjoined thought to how he was going to explain to his father his murder suspicions and the emotions that came with being completely and utterly alone, he snatched up the keys and drove the long-dormant Jeep to the airport.

"So, what'd you do?"

"Oh, not much. Drugs busts. A large one, actually. About two hundred million."

"Oh?" Christian laughed. Their private joke. He was a merchant banker, and had a deathly boring job- Christian had seen the pages upon pages of ones and zeros that he had to interpret. They both had wild imaginations. And tempers.

"Yeah. Sad, really. There was a killing."

"A shooting? Shotguns?"

"No, not shotties, this time. A cut throat." He said, and walked through the front door, and looked around.

"He looked a lot like you too." He said quietly, rubbing his chin.

"Oh, thanks dad!" Christian laughed.

"Well, look at the place! It's a mess!"

Later on, that night, when his father was in the shower, Christian went into the main bedroom, and started unpacking some of his dad's stuff into his cupboards and drawers. He hit something hard, and pulled back the sleeve of a shirt- to uncover a handgun. He frowned, and went to pick it up, but something caught his eye. The corner of a photo. He pulled back a shoe and uncovered a large, black and white photo of a sad scene- an ambulance's stretcher held a covered, blood-stained body. A pretty girl, crying, one hand over her mouth, the other on a stretcher as they put it into the back of the ambulance. Her eyes were screwed up in anguish and her hair was all over his face. Frozen in time, this moment of pain.

He stared at the photo momentarily, then his dad's furious voice made him jump and the photo went lazily zig-zagging to the ground.


Orix, Damien and Eve got out of their cars, parked them in the school's carpark, locked them, swung their bags over their shoulders, and walked across the grounds. All the staring faces were brand new to them. The town was brand new to them.

"What? Don't shit me, Nigel."

"I'm not, man. Never, you man."

"If you didn't do it, I'll break your nose. And you know I can."

"I know- I just- it'll- um- it will be done, I promise... Just... Just please, give me some more- some more time... I haven't even finished my own-"

"I don't care about you, Nigel," He laughed, rolling his eyes. "This is about me."

Orix and his brother kept walking, staring intently forward, silent. They didn't see their sister hang back and listen to the conversation between the nervous geeky looking guy and the great big high school jock. The geek was shivering, and it was visible from where they were standing. From a slow walk to a stop, then from a stop to a 180 degree spin towards the pair, both brothers stopped in unison, and turned to Eve.

"Oh shit, Dame."

"Eve, stop. Not on the first day." Damien called. Eve kept walking, unaffected.

Eve had a serious problem with starting fights with people who simply didn't do nicely to others, even though they expected to have good done unto them. In short, she made other peoples' battles into her own personal crusades. She walked slowly over to them, and the jock stopped pushing the boy up against the tree, as he watched the two huge dark haired males run towards him, looking shocked and helpless, as Eve stopped infront of him, a peaceful look of her immaculately groomed face. He glanced her out of his eye, and froze momentarily. Wow, he thought. I like it when they look determined.

"Did you want to try that on someone who may be able to fight back?" She asked him in a skulky and whispered deep voice. He laughed at her in the airheaded style of 'oh, my God, what a weirdo'. Eve still smiled. Her appearance was misleading.

"What?" He frowned at her, and she smiled.

"The questionwas do you want to take this up with someone who may be able to handle themselves a little better?"

"Hey, thanks, but we're just talkin. It's okay." Nigel whispered shakily.

"No, Nigel. It's not okay. I can smell your fear." She whispered.

"Oh, shit man." Orix whined to Damien, and he sighed.

"Oh well. We're gonna be great now, huh? We're related to the weird vicious girl." Damien muttered.

"Are you threatening me, new girl?" He laughed, looking around, as if it were her death-wish.

She looked thoughtful, putting one finger to her bottom lip.

"Yes, I am threatening you." She smiled, nodding. He stared her up and down, then started smiling.

"Stop staring at my tits and swing already. I want to show you how bad someone can hurt you."

He laughed out loud.

"This your sister?" He called to Orix and Damien.

"Nope. Never seen her before in our lives." Orix shrugged. Damien frowned shortly at him.

"Look, Eve, let's go. Forget him." Damien called to her. She turned to him slowly.

"No, I'm not forgetting him. He's going to eventually kill this boy-- can't you see that?!"

"Oh my God! She controls you guys! And why do you want to fight me? I'm the leader of the wrestling team. The head of the athletics team, and the quarterback on the football team." He laughed.

"Are you proud? Stop talking and hit me. I don't like conversation before I pummel someone. In fact, it's rarely this drawn-out. I'm just trying to boost the crowds, you know." She whispered, nodding.

"I'm not gonna hit you. And you're not gonna hit me, either." He laughed. "Cause if I hit you, you aint getting back up."
"Don't be too sure bout that. Do you mind if I hit you?" She smiled. He looked her up and down again.

"This is your way of chatting me up, it's really sweet. You're hot and all, but I don't do unhinged-" He started, but Eve had already crouched down and drawn back her tightly clenched fist. She punched him in the guts and he dropped to the ground, onto his knees, face first into the grass and rolled over on his side, all curled up.

"What the fuck.." He hissed, his eyes popping from his head as he whimpered.

"You fuckin hit me, you bitch-"

"Hah! Yeah. And I'll hit you again, if ya want..."

She laughed and kicked him. His whole body rolled over and over, twice, and he laid on his face, sprawled out. The nerd retreated steps, until he fell over. She sighed and reached her hand out for him, but he shook his head, terrified.

"Come on, man." She said, waiting impatiently. He shook his head. She glared at him, shocked, then left at high speed.

"Dude, I suggest you avoid her from now on." Damien crouched down to him, looked up at Orix who laughed and they both walked away. Eve bent down and looked him in the eyes.

"You pick on anyone else ever again- and I'll kill you." She whispered. "You pick on me again, I'll kill you."

He gave her a dirty look.

"You look at me like that again, I'll kill you. You'd better be really careful of how you act, from now on, my friend. Your morality stakes are getting lower and lower." She snapped.

He looked up at her and gasped for air, with a sudden pang of pain. He choked, and then frothy blood came up from between his teeth. With a shaky hand, he check it and looked at the red on his fingertip, and his eyes popped in horror.

"What the fuck did you do to me?!" He whispered shakily, eyes wide with shock, and spat out a great amount of frothy blood.

"I probably ruptured something. If you can walk, you'd better get yourself to a hospital. Pretty quick. Internal bleeding is serious." She nodded, got up and walked away.

Damien stayed there, as Orix walked with her, telling her off, as she shook her head bitterly.

"Look, I'm really sorry, dude- my sister is- well she's not normal." Damien apologised.

"YEAH! I CAN TELL THAT! WHAT IS IT? NOT GETTIN ANY OR WHAT?" He screamed, then whimpered again.

Damien laughed.

"No, she's actually missing her friend." He sighed.

"A guy, I bet."

"Yeah. They were really close. And you- well you kinda remind her-"

"Of him. Oh, that's great. She's gonna have a school girl crush."

"No, you look like the guy who cut his throat." He shrugged. His mouth dropped open.

"Are you fucking serious?" He breathed. Damien nodded sadly.

"And she- well I hate to say it- you'll find out anyway- our lawyer got her off the charge, but she killed him. She crushed his head in a car-door. Quite a few times. Just, I'm serious, watch what you do and say around her. She's a very unstable girl. This is her brother talking. Okay?"

He looked up.

"Man, okay, but I've really got to get to a hospital. I cannot stand this any more. I am in serious pain." He whimpered. Orix sighed, looked around and played the mercy card.

"Okay man, lets' go." He said.

Eve stood at the front of the class, a million pairs of eyes trained on her, as the teacher stood beside her, as tall black woman, elegant but sustained.

"Please, your name and a few things about you."

"My name is Eve Nox, and as some of you may have seen today, I am not a person to be approached for a while. My best friend was just murdered. As a result, he died, and I'd like to be left alone. And yes, it is true, I did kill the person who killed my boyfriend. I am one of the lucky few who fall into the category of convicted but not charged murderers, and I will not hesitate to cripple you if I hear a word has been said foul about me. I will find out. If you wish to test this theory, go right ahead, for I am not one to repent." She whispered. She sat down.

Whispers broke out everywhere. Heads turned, exchanging shocked glances. The teacher stared in total shock.

"Out..." She managed to garble, pointing at the door. Eve stood up, rolled her eyes and sighed melodramatically and threw her bag over her shoulder. She was sent straight to the principals' office.

She was walking so fast that she didn't see the guy that she slammed into. Before she knew it, she was slammed up against a wall, and held there. Out of sheer shock, she stared at the image of her boyfriend. Her bared teeth softened into a bewildered pout.

"Chris?" She whispered. He frowned harshly.

"Do I know you?" He frowned. She gasped a laugh.

"It's me, Eve- your-" She gasped, putting her hands to his shoulders, but he frowned. Her smiled faded.

"'re not Chris Merickus, are you." She sighed.

"No- I'm Chris Machado, and I prefer Christian for it's religiously ironic qualities." He frowned, shrugging and looking utterly nonplussed. "Do I know you?"

For the first time in her life, Eve was speechless and frozen. Her eyes glazed over as she watched his bored, confused expression and still hands. She flashed back to watching his bloody hand go away, covered in a stained white sheet- into an ambulance, fingers limp, the dried blood already cracking and flaking down into the grass in the high wind. For so long, he laid there. So long, his blood dried up....

"No." She whispered, sighed and kept walking.

"Hey- okay, wait!" He yelled and caught up with her. "Do I know you?" He laughed, shaking his head, a confused smile on his face, his hands up to stop her. "Cause you look awfully familiar." He frowned, nodding. He'd seen her face somewhere before. He knew he had. But where?

"You don't know me." She sneered, and turned away.

"Okay..." He laughed, as she was grabbed by her shirt and pulled back. He was rough.

"You'll learn not to walk away from me." He laughed gently, holding her by her arms. She smiled at him, almost noticing something about him.

"That's one." She whispered.

"What?" He laughed, letting her go. She walked away. People around them started to whisper.

She knocked on the principals' door and waited.

"You can only come in if you're stunningly pretty!" A voice called. She laughed, and checked the sign on the door one more time.



She turned the shiny round brass handle and walked in.

"Wow. That's never actually worked. Hel-lo-el-o-el-o," He smiled curiously, and stood up.

It was fucking John Travolta all over. But thirty five. The same creepily white, straight moviestar smile, clean shaven, black straight hair, gelled, and wearing a suit rather well, even sitting down. He was handsome but slightly plump, and so unattractively smooth it horrified her.

"Hey." She smiled.

"And you must be the lovely Eve." He smiled, then chuckled a little. His eyes slowly danced up her legs, torso, and to her head.

"Aren't you an angel?" He whispered, with a wistful smile. She frowned, and sneered. He laughed, shaking his head.

"Your photo doesn't do you justice." He laughed. She smiled and sat down in the chair infront of his desk, freaked out. Her eyes danced around to all the certificates of completion on the wall. His head followed hers, watching her watch them with a streak of selfish pride.

"Medical degree, teaching, principality award, pilot, explosive courses..." He said wistfully, rolling his hand. "Not bad, huh?" She nodded.

"What were you before coming here? I heard only took this job two months ago." She asked.

"Forget that. We're here because you have a great big brown clipboard around your neck that says..." He blinked, and frowned at it. He chuckled.

"Hoe group." He laughed. She looked down, and gasped, pulling it off her neck. He laughed.

"Ah, and from your files, I was hoping you were bright."

"Hey, fuck you. You can't read those." She snapped. He looked at her with shock, then laughed even harder.

"Of course I can! I'M THE FUCKIN PRINCIPAL!" He called, and laughed even harder.

"You're a freak," She said, but couldn't help laughing at him. He stopped so abruptly, it scared her. His face was fixed.

"Now, tell me. What did you do to piss off your teacher?" He growled in a very authoritarian tone.

She sighed.

"Where to start, where to start..." She smiled.

"Well, with beating the Hell out of my son this morning, would be great." He grimaced, his expression deadpan. The blood disappeared from her face.

"You spawned that? I'd've drowned it at birth." She sneered.

He laughed, rolling his eyes, almost instantly agreeing with her.

"'ve gotta teach me that shit." He laughed suddenly. She giggled gently, freaked right, having no idea how to take him.

"We're WHAT?!" Eve yelled to Damien, who winced, and looked around.

"Apparently, you're an item with the resident psycho-puppy-killer. You were seen together making goo-goo eyes in the hall this morning." He laughed, shrugging.

"What, Chris?"

"Yeah, Mass Murderer Machado." He laughed, nodding, then thumbing her up. "Way to go with the choice of guy to cut you- erm- sweep you off your feet, girl." He laughed, shaking his head.

"I don't care. I like him." She sniffed.

"No, you don't." He laughed. "You don't even know him. You're just rebelling."

"Hey- have you seen how similar he looks to Merickus?! I am, it is safe to say, intrigued by his appearance." She hissed. Damien readjusted his stance, wiped his nose impatiently and looked to the heavens for divine intervention before he lost it. Didn't come.

"Yeah, hey, um- Chris is also up on charges resulting in three of his past girlfriends going missing and then turning up all badly bashed, and very dead. Like grievous bodily harm stuff. His first girlfriend had her leg missing." Damien whispered.

"Sounds right up my alley." She snarled mockingly, then stormed off.

She walked away, and was almost to the canteen, when her wrist was grabbed and she was towed away, up against a wall. It was Machado again. She rolled her shoulder, frowning at him malevolently.

"Heard about your little spat with the Principals' son. You're a brave girl- that could land you a first-class one-way ticket outta here. He's someone you just don't fuck with." He said in a tone that, even though she didn't want to admit it, make her confident snap-back flicker for a second. She laughed, rolling her eyes.

"What do you mean? He's just a forty year old who thinks he's fifteen." She shrugged. "And anyway, his son was bullying someone, and I hate bullies."

"That was a nasty little spat, is all. He's in hospital, you know. Apparently you ruptured his spleen, or some shit. He's saying he 'fell down some stairs' because he's too embarrassed to admit a hottie beat the snot outta him."

"Who cares. No one needs the spleen anyway. I did him a favour, he's losing weight."

He chuckled, rolling his eyes.

"So you get in spats often, I guess. You don't look like a violent person. But I've been hearing that you pick fights."

"That's odd. I'm surprised you didn't hear about my other little 'spat'." She smiled plastically.

"What happened?" He smiled.

"Well, you see it all started when this guy cut my boyfriend's throat. And, thinking I'd be too shocked to do anything but scream, he was wrong. I caught him, and I bludgeoned by his head in a car door until his skull collapsed and all his teeth were decorating the pavement." She smiled sweetly. "I mean, I quite enjoyed it, but I doubt he shared my opinion. Pain is such a personal thing."

"Did he die?" He whispered. She laughed.

"Are you serious?" She frowned.

"Did he? Don't dick me around-" He spat, grabbing her shirt. She squinted and tisked to him, her eyes hardened and squinted.

"That's two." She whispered. He frowned harshly at her and she walked away, and he made no attempt to follow her.

Damien stopped her in a hallway some distance away, calling out her name.

"Eve, what the flying FUCK are you doing? You know you're already being described as 'miss teen psycho killer'?! Can you stop projecting at the top of your miss-perfect lungs that you killed a guy, please? If you don't remember, we're related to you, and apparently, homicidal tendencies are genetic!"

She spun on her foot, smiling interestedly.

"Shit. I wonder why I'm being tagged as that. Maybe because it fits the bill?" She grinned to him bubbly. He rolled his eyes.

"Look, lower your profile. Or you'll be expelled." He smiled patiently.

The next day, her wrist was grabbed again and she spun around, and flipped her attacker straight on his back. He spun in the air, slammed down hard on the ground, and laid there, shocked, slightly concussed, and winded. She crouched down, straddling him in a dominant fashion, ready to break his fingers out of angry spite.

"That's three." She whispered, staring him directly in the eye.

"How'd you do that? I weigh like, a hundred and sixty pounds...I'm over six three..." He whispered, blue eyes wide and black eyebrows meeting in the middle in a frown.

"I'm a little twitchy, so if you want to get my attention, say my name." She said, straddling him. She ruffled up his shiny black curls and walked off in a long stride straight over his face, in a skirt, without looking back, although Chris laid there, barely believing she was in a white g-string and how perky her ass was.

At lunch, he dragged his tray across the lunchroom to sit with her. Most of the cafeteria went silent, as the fact that he'd decided to eat lunch with all the 'brainless droids'. Even more amusing and interesting was when he asked her if the seat opposite her was taken, even though it was completely barren of people. She looked up slowly, accessing his casual, reasonable dressing. His black Doc Martens, his dark skate pants, and his black shirt with it's maroon skull. Right down to the fact that his curled fingers hung at just above knee height. This guy could scratch his knees without hunching, she thought. Her eyes flicked to his bright blue eyes, and seeing his calm expression, she shrugged and looked back down at her food.

"Okay, fine. Park." She said. He sat down, hunched over his tray and started picking at his plate, eyes down, elbows on the table. She watched him, slowly and quietly grinding a carrot stick between her molars.

"When were you in jail?"

He looked up, shocked.


"You've been in jail, yeah?"

He raised up significantly to his elbows, and smiled candidly at her, all his teeth bared in a wide, curious smile.

"How are you so sure?"

"Cause look at you." She laughed, gesturing to his mannerisms. He nodded, and shrugged.

"In and out, yeah."

She nodded, and swallowed the orange pulp, then picked up a few more. They weren't bad. A bit dry, though.

"What for?"

He shrugged.

"What for?"

"Aggravated assault." He mumbled.

"What're you doing this Friday night?" He asked, looking up at her.


"You're in that class?" He laughed, rolling his eyes.

"Yeah," She laughed. "I may be aggressive, but that doesn't mean I'm gonna let that ruin my life any more than it already has."

"What classes do you have?" She smiled at him, pointing at him with her white plastic fork. He sneered under his breath and leant backwards, looking away.

"What? Too hard? How about we start from the basics again? What'" She sneered. He glared darkly back at her.

"Drama. Music. Physics. P.E."

"Physics? Wow. That means you must have-"

"Specialist and Studies." He smiled.

"I do Specialist and Studies." She frowned.

"Oh, and English Studies."

"That's-" She thought. "Eight! How do you do all eight?" She asked. He shrugged.

"I used to think I could handle an after school line, so I picked up Maths Specialist as an after-school course."

"So, are you like- a suppressed brain, or something?"

"No. I used to think I might be." He muttered. "Maths is a class where there is no opinion, so if I'm right, there's no way they can tell me I'm not."

"How are you doing in them?"

"Shit, except for maths and physics. I'm top in them, I guess that's why they haven't expelled me." He laughed. She sighed and looked away, though still leaning forward on her folded forearms, nodding, half expecting it.

"Do you rock up to your other classes?" She asked. He shrugged.

"Sometimes." He sniffed.

"Do you do any homework?" She raised her eyebrows.

"Not really." He laughed coolly, looking away.

"So, you expect to just- waltz into the exams and just- what? Blitz them?" She laughed, rolling her eyes. He sniggered darkly, shaking her head as if you say 'you don't know me'.

"Okay. You've heard how aggressive I am. So sue me. Mass Murderer Machado. I've heard it." He nodded. She watched him. He hadn't finished. He pointed at her, shaking his head, then put his finger to his temporal.

"But don't diss the cranium." He whispered, tapping the side of his head. Then, he grabbed his milk carton and stalked off.

She got home that day, and just like usual, the entire mansion was turned into a rock concert. Nothing different, really. Orix and Damien had gotten home before her, because they didn't take her, and she had to walk home. They were playing their instruments wildly. Orix was on Guitar and Damien was on drums, though he was meant for guitar; and Orix was meant to be the singer. Oh wait- no he was singing. So, who was playing the dru-

"Eve! Get up here!" She heard in a magically amplified voice.

Eve stomped up the stairs, and pushed open their door, sighing.

"Yes Sire- OH MY GOD, IT'S YOU."

"Oh hi. I didn't know you lived here." Chris smiled sweetly, shrugging, lazily spinning the sticks in his hands. He was in a black singlet, and his arm muscles bulged and twitched as he spun the sticks lazily around his thumbs like they were magnetically attracted to them.

She stood there, flabbergasted and frozen, hunched over and drop-jawed, with an unflattering expression of disgust on her face.

"This guy can really play." Orix laughed, running his hand along his strap. "And get that stupid look off your face. You're not ten any more."

"I couldn't care less. He's dangerous. Get him out." She snapped to Orix.

"Um, excuse me, you killed a guy. There's just girls missing-" He piped up, pointing a stick at her.

"Yeah, and you dated them all." She sneered, shrugging highly. He frowned.

"I did?" He laughed, surprised. "Didn't know that. You should tell the pigs that. They'd be thrilled that you're working with them." He whispered, watching her malevolently.

"How dare you," She snapped. "I'm not working with any pigs, but the truth is, I am a killer and I'm regretting it. You could still be secretly slashing throats and eating body parts-"

"Hey, I didn't KILL anyone-"

"Yeah? Well aggravated assault is a great place to start. That's how I started and you're well-and-truly on that road." She snapped. He leant back and folded his arms, shaking his head. They just glared at eachother, lips pursed.

"The fact is every girl that's missing has had relations with you."

"Hey, hate to burst your bubble, but I've dated every hot girl in that school. A couple a dead bimbos doesn't mean shit to me."

"Have you ever been stabbed?"

"No. Why?"

"Because if you just wait a moment-" She said and started to fish around in her bag.

"Hey. No bloodshed- I just had this room painted." Orix snapped, hands up, amused.

"I'll just leave, then." Chris grumbled. Damien took two steps forward towards Eve, pointed forcefully at Christian.

"No, you sit down. Eve- piss off." Damien snapped, shooing her away. She stomped down the stairs, after slamming the door. Chris sighed, and balanced the sticks on the snare, smiling at Orix and Damien cheshirely.

"Why the Hell are you smiling?" Damien barked to Chris.

"Man, she's hot." Chris laughed, shaking his head sadly. The twins looked at eachother, disgusted.

"Didn't you just fight pretty seriously with her?" Damien frowned.

"Yeah, and she's fuckin good. Roight lettle foirewerrk." He laughed, putting on a remarkably good Scottish accent; shaking his head, winking at them. They just stared at him, disgusted.

"Ew. That's not the sorta thing you tell us, okay? We're her older brothers." Damien whispered breathlessly, frowning in horror at him. He laughed, and shrugged. "But man, she's severely hot. I'd love to take her out."

The twins' smiles faded all too quickly, and they were replaced with serious stares.

"Excuse me?" Orix spat.

"To a movie, or something?" He laughed. They nodded, looking sideways at eachother.

"Oh. He thought you meant-"

"Nah." He laughed, shaking his head. "Not that I'd admit to you guys, anyway."

They both laughed in a very put-on manner blowing air through their noses and sneering.

"Okay, well, you'd better go and ask her, then. Before someone else snaffles her up."

"That's on the cards?" Chris asked, eyebrows up, worried.

"Maybe you haven't realised that in your time as a guy, the harder it is to get, the more you want it." Damien smiled sweetly.

"And Eve- well, you'd better have a whip and a chair." Orix laughed. "She's the Holy Grail of Holy Shit."

"Eve- if one day she gets over her little aggression phase- she's gonna be hot property. If she wasn't our sister, we'd probably like her. She's flawless."

Chris frowned, thunder-struck. "Are you two serious?" He choked.

"We know she's pretty. So go and stake your claim. Try your best. First aid box is in the bottom drawer under the sink. We've got no pressure bandages left."

Chris nodded, stood up, and walked out of the room.

"Oh, just one thing?" Called Damien. Chris ducked his head back in.

"Knock." Damien smiled, jumping his eyebrows importantly. "Seriously."