The Duchess and the Apparition.

"I guess we're trapped in here," the Duchess muttered half-questioningly.
"We sure are, my Lady," the Apparition replied.
"So what do we do now?"
"Well, the best thing would be for us to find the exit and somehow get out," said the Apparition thoughtfully, and went silent.
The Duchess raised an eyebrow. "Surely you are being jocose, sir."
"Not in the least, my Lady."
The Duchess looked around. There was a dresser with a huge mirror in which she could see herself and the dark shadow of the Apparition. The white candle on the dresser effectuated enough light for the walls of the small room to be seen clearly. There were no windows and no doors. On the walls hung Renaissance portraits of rose-cheeked genteel maidens and medieval scenes, with triangles of heads and clothes depicting either warriors or hunters. The wallpaper was black silk with royal symbols, accentuating the paintings and the painted ceiling which depicted a boar.
"I think we should seek the help from the outside," the Duchess dared to argue, "because I see absolutely no way for us to find the exit ourselves."
The Apparition was silent.
The Duchess glanced at the Apparition with fear. Then she glanced at the dresser. The dresser looked very heavy.
"Do admit that you don't really thirst for freedom, my Lady," the Apparition spoke at last, turning its head towards the Duchess.
"Of course I do."
"Because I miss… the outside."
"What is it on the outside that you miss so dearly?"
"I… don't know."
The Duchess looked confused. Her eyes were shifting incessantly, as if frantically looking for something inside of her being.
The Apparition didn't have a face, but if it did, it would surely have worn a smirk.
Suddenly the Duchess sprang up from the chair and threw it at the Apparition. The chair missed its target and smashed against the wall. Next, seizing a candle, she flung it at her adversary with a mighty strength of a cornered animal. The candle hit the Apparition and set its dark clothes on fire, which it immediately shed and left to burn on the marble floor. It didn't look any different with its robes off.
"Settle down, my Lady," the Apparition spoke soothingly, slowly dragging itself towards the gasping Duchess. "It's all right. They don't know you ever existed. And you know what?"
"They don't care," hissed the Apparition, swiftly sundering the Duchess's head with a silver blade of a battle axe off the medieval painting.