She sat at the table with her phone on silent. She didn't want her teacher to know that her boyfriend was calling her at the moment. He didn't know that she was study hall because she was reading the letter that he had given to her and her teacher caught her. She would have to call him back when she got out of this hellhole. She put her book down for a moment that she wasn't actually reading. She was looking through the book as if it wasn't there. The bell finally rang and she grabbed her book, her phone, and her keys. She walked to her mustang and threw her book onto the passenger seat where her purse and math book were already sitting. The purse was denim with a puppy on the front, it had been a gift from her boyfriend, when she had won the state lacrosse championships with the schools varsity team. He was a varsity boys lacrosse player, but they hadn't got to the championships because their coach quit and they couldn't find a replacement.

She was relieved that she could finally talk to him. She pressed speed dial one and he picked up on the first ring knowing that it was her.

"Hey baby, I love you, why didn't you pick up when I called you?"

"I was caught reading your note in English, so I got detention. It is a hellhole in there. You aren't even alloweed to listen to music or chew gum. It was funny when the teacher found out that Ned came and was high. She started spitting on him when she was yelling. Though he was giving her the hang loose symbol and telling her she should promote peace, not war. It was really funny!"

"Yeah, he is a biggest pot smoker on both the water polo and the lacrosse team. Hey, do you still have my water polo bag? I coulda' sworn that I leant it to you when you went to the state lacrosse championships, didn't I?"

"Yeah, I still have it, do you want it back? I also have one of your speedos, I don't exactly know why it was left in the bag, but it was."

"Oh, I must of not realized it, no, I don't need my bag until season starts in two weeks though. I'll need it by the 20th, which is two Mondays from now. Is that okay?"

"Yeah, of course, I would give it back today if you needed it. Since you don't I'll use it when I go over to Jenni's this weekend. How about I show her the speedo too."

"That's quite alright, please don't expose that to your friends. She might kiss it you know."

"God Roman, Jenni isn't a pervert or anything. "

"Haha, I could barely tell that you were sarcastic. That's great, though."

"I know, I'm starting to get really good at masking my sarcasm."

'Hey, so what do you wanna do tonight?" It's the last Friday night that I won't have water polo practice."

"Wanna meet me at midnight outside of your house, I'll drive and we'll skinny dip in the school pool."

"Hell yeah, I'll see ya then!!!!!!!" he said very excitedly,"I love you, bye."

"Love you, bye!" She hung up her phone and she got out of her car because she was in front of her house. She knew that her stomach had done a flip when she had said "skinny dip", which was an impulsive idea. She was really excited and went straight into the shower when she opened the house door. She didn't want her parents to think that was where she was going.

"Mommy, Daddy, I'm going to run an errand. I'll be back at like 2:00 in the morning. Is that okay?"

"Of course honey, you need take your car and bring your cell phone. Love you, bye." She kissed her mom and dad and left the house so that she could pick up Roman. When he got into the car she was so excited. His features were highlighted by the moonlight. He was wearing a polo shirt with red and blue stripes. For pants her was wearing bright yellow water polo pants. The outfit didn't go together, but she found it charming. When they got to the pool and parked the car Roman helped her over the fence and he followed. They started kissing and then got into the pool. They were swimming around from an hour before they realized that they had to get home. Roman couldn't keep his lips off her though. She didn't really mind it, but she knew that she could get home. When they finally got back to his house it was five minutes to two. He kissed her goodbye and went into house. She got home right at two o'clock and was so gitty she couldn't go to sleep for at least an hour.

When she finally woke up she got a call from Roman, this was the fourth time in one day that he had called her. While they talked she glanced up the clock and found it was two in the afternoon. She couldn't help but laugh at the fact she had slept for the long. She stopped talking to Roman and got dressed. She left the house to meet with her friend Jenni who was picking her up at 3:30. When Jenni came she was wearing a baby blue tanktop with a white one underneath. She had pulled on a pair of AB jeans which were faded and ripped in several places. She hadn't put on any shoes because she was borrowing Jenni's slippers. When she slipped them on she felt like she was wearing tan colored clouds on her feet. As they sped down the highway she relayed the information about the night before to Jenni.

"The moonlight was reflected on the pool and the lights from the car were on, but dimmed. We could see each others faces and bodies only where the light hit their contours. The arc of his eyebrows, his legs, her hair, her eyes, his mouth, his butt, hers and both of their arms that were used to hold each other were highlighted. She was getting a feeling in her stomach like butteflies. She was so gitty that she started laughing and when they got out of the car people started staring. She didn't care though because she loved Roman and thinking of him.