All I Need: The Message

I'm just like a lot of people. I have dreams, I've always prayed for that special friend, and I enjoy life. When I'm in a crowd I feel afraid and nervous because I feel so out of place. I love going for walks and just enjoying nature. And I especially like to go to a good bookstore or to the movies. God is very important in my life. But for some time now I've been troubled about things.

The year I turned fourteen I felt compelled to write a book for teenagers after I saw a close friend of mine fall prey to drugs and I watched as he was pulled along with many other teenagers in a world that I knew nothing about. I had always been sheltered from the 'world' since I was home schooled but I was curious as to what teens go through out in the real 'world'. So I set out on a mission to explore the world that most teens live in nowadays, which was completely foreign to me. I began to do research on the internet about drug use in America, gang activities, and other things. I talked to teens who I barely knew and they opened up to some things that they had went through and they truly inspired me. Some had not been able to climb up out of the dark pit that they had fallen into, but then others had, with determination and courage, climbed out of the world of drugs, alcohol, sex, and many other things.

I was troubled about how easy it is to be manipulated by a certain person who is labeled as 'cool' or popular. I was faced with peer pressure and I saw just how easy it is to go the wrong way and do the wrong things just because you want to be accepted and loved by certain people. So with the information I had obtained I began to write a book. At first I just didn't think I could do it and that it was impossible for me to write. And at one point I set it aside and said that I just couldn't do it. But as I met more teens and saw the terrible consequences of drug addiction and peer pressure I felt a strong calling in my heart to write this book. Finally I started back on it and wrote it.

I wanted to get it published so that perhaps in some small, or big, way it could help a teenager out there. But I figured it would never get published because it wasn't a big book nor was it written fancy lol. It was just a simple and plain story. But with encouragement from friends and family I decided to send it in to a publishing company. And I prayed that they would publish it. After much persuasion the publishing company agreed to publish the book. But they weren't to thrilled about publishing a fourteen-year-old's manuscript because "Teenagers aren't capable of handling the responsibility that comes with being published", they said. But I pleaded with them and told them that this book had been written from my very heart and that I wanted it to be available to anyone so that it could perhaps touch their hearts.

Now after a year has passed All I Need is finally published and out in stores nationwide. My dream has come true. I am praying that somehow God will use it to help teenagers everywhere. That is my main dream and concern. And I want to spread the message that All I Need states, and that is; there is no pit so deep that we cannot climb out, that there is hope, that you don't have to run with the cool crowd to be special because you are special just being who you are no matter what anyone tells you; that even though life may be hard and peer pressure may be very strong you don't have to give in, but most importantly that God loves you, no matter who you are and no matter what you have done and He will give you a chance at a better life.

I have written this short piece in hopes that it will encourage anyone who reads this to spread the word about All I Need to your friends, families, and everyone. It is my dream for All I Need in some small or big way to touch peoples' heart. It is not the greatest book on earth and it wasn't written to be labeled that, it's writing is plain and from a teenage boy's point of view (somewhat like a journal). I ask you humbly to please check out the book and tell people about it so that the messages that All I Need states will maybe touch someone's heart. Thank you and God Bless!


"All I Need" can be found on online stores and in select bookstores for now, but on April 25, 2005 it will be in stores nationwide.