All-knowing, eh?I think not.I've done all I canSaid I was sorryEven did you a favorBut do you return the misplaced, abandoned, unloved apology?No.

I need a helping hand.I need a tour guide to lead the way.I need a friend.I hate to fightBut I love to debate.I have a good argumentBut do you?Apparently notHiding behind cowardice and rumor-sprinkled words.

And finally, I worked up some courage.I lent you an apologyOut of my limited, endangered supply.Did you return it?You're going to run my short stock dry.Owe me one, though?Let's think.

Called me disgusting in a crude way.Defended a girl you don't even knowOVER me.Your friend.Remember?No, you don't. So sad.You dissed me.And you knocked me down.You kicked me while I was weak.You told meYou wondered whyYou'd ever made that sweet "mistake"To ask me out.

I wonder that tooMuch too often.I wasted five monthsOn you.I wasted false loveOn you.Unfulfilled wishesPrayers galoreSome came trueBut all were as pointless as a broken pencil.Dull.

That last kick brought me to lifeIt brought me up."A wild side.""Me?" I asked."I'm saving that for the one I love."What a blow that wasTo your inflated, overrated head.I've never lovedAnd I will somedayI'll never make that mistake again.

You want me to be wild?You want me to be a ditz?You want me to be a prep?You want me to be pretty?You want me to be petite?You want me to fall in love with you?So you can get all that and more?You want me to paint on all that stupid makeup in the morningSo it can come off an hour laterFrom the hot tears you tatoo onto my cheeksBecause you DON'T love my face the way it is?

How about not?How about I be who I am?How about I steal back that apology you won't return?How about I wipe that stupid smirk off your face?How about I don't lie and I be meWhether you like it or not...

Boy, I'm not changing for anyone.Either you like me or you hate me.I dare you to abuse meAnd suffer my wrath.Girl power rocks socks and rattles bones.You'd better watch outBecause I'm madI'm on the rampageAnd you've stolen my apologyAnd five months of my whole life.