Cracked open chest cavity
Shreds of flesh and bone
Once filled with life and soul
Now hollow and alone

Oh what journeys and torments
This fragile mortal coil has known
I wonder where its feet once wandered
Back when it was his own

Dragging and scraping along
This worthless flesh prison
Devoid of greater purpose
Lacking necessary vision

Weighing me down with inequities
I wonder if I should call them mine
Feeling like a withered grape
Shriveled and fallen from the vine

Gazes pass over me without a second thought
How many countless fruitless hours
Have my weak, unworthy efforts bought?
The lonely mind echoes in a hollow world

It seems as though the world is dying inside too
A death not of the body but of the soul instead
Life ebbing away for reasons understood by witchdoctors
As it circles gracefully in its soft celestial deathbed

Sickened by intellectual starvation
Weakened by all consuming conformity
A seething pit of worms consuming rotting flesh
Is what I see when I gaze at our world's majority

The occasional glimmer of radiant enlightenment
Off somewhere in the distance recesses of "humanity"
Lost in the teeming mass of moral refuse all around
Once heard it said that "Corruption makes justice appear as insanity"

Clutching a heart that stops beating as I open my eyes
I suppose it shall be no big surprise
When they cut me open and dig around only to realize
What's killed me inside cannot be seen by their blinded minds' eyes