"It's alright, Brent. Just talk about it. No ones going to hurt you anymore," came the cooing voice of a nurse dressed in white as she gently stroked the brown hair of a boy no older than seven physically. Though the boys dark green eyes told of knowledge and a much older sense of being. Brent was young, but he wasn't a child anymore. He wasn't a child in the mind.

Brent's small body was shaking as he looked up at the police officer, and started shaking. He latched onto the nurse and began wailing at the top of his lungs. "No! I won't talk! I won't tell them. Please, Mary! Don't make me tell them!"

Mary looked up at the officer and shook her head for the third time this week. The officer gave a scowl and turned away. "Well, it was nice seeing you two again… I think," came his crude remark as I headed towards the door of Brent's now permanent bedroom.

The nurse looked to Brent and patted his head once more. "It's only 7:30, but maybe you should lay down and relax a little before the group meeting. I'll see if I can get you out of crafts if you're asleep." She gave a warm-hearted smile to him and headed for the door.

Brent sniffled slightly, wiping his eyes and sitting down on the bed. His dark green eyes stared up at the ceiling as he pulled himself into a laying position and threw the single lavender colored blanket over himself. He took in a deep breath, sniffling here and there and doing his best to calm himself down.

The warm air of the place had a calming effect and within a short amount of time he'd managed to drift into sleep. Too bad his dream wasn't going to be quite as peaceful as he would of hoped….


End of (Prologue)? I guess I'll call it prologue. It's not really the story… just… a good start!

-Anaka nods her head and stares at her story.- Hm, Yes. It's coming along. (narrator voice) What happened in Brent's past that he's so afraid to talk about? Why's the policeman a constant visitor?

And what's that lil boy gonna dream?!

Find out in chapter 2... (Or would it be chapter one?) whenever it gets posted. -skips off-