(Author's note- In response to the reviews- I have seen Miss Saigon. It's one of my favorite musicals and is THE Vietnam love saga. This was originally Miss Saigon fan fiction, but somehow became an original story. Sorry for the huge delay in this update. I seriously slacked off. I'll have part 3 by next week- promise!)

"Don't cry Mai. Please, don't cry! It'll all be okay!" Mark whispered, wiping away the tears slowly falling down Mai's cheek.

"No Mark! It's not okay! My mother, she is probably dying. I can't pay for any treatment. We have no home. I think my father is already dead," Mai couldn't hold it in any longer. She wanted to scream out to Mark that she also hated the way she had to live. She didn't want to continue sleeping with men for money. Mai broke down and began to sob.

"Oh God Mai…" Mark cradled the tiny girl. He let her put her head in his chest. Mark felt that his shirt was becoming wet. He didn't mind. He believed that Mai had been keeping her emotions a secret. She had apparently reached her breaking point. Mai couldn't handle the pain anymore. Mark was more than happy to be there to comfort her.

"You don't understand. You can't understand. You never will!" Mai screamed, losing control. She wanted to punch Mark. Although the GI genuinely cared for her, she still had bias against him. Mai thought that all Americans were the same- sex obsessed and cruel.

"Don't you see Mai? I've been through that too. I have, well I had, a brother named Jack. He was so dedicated to his country. He enlisted for the army right when he graduated from high school! We were in the same troop for awhile. I don't know how it happened… The Viet Cong just came running onto our camp and shooting the troop! Jack and I ran as fast as we could. They were shooting at us, and this one bullet went right through Jack's back. I couldn't save him without risking my own life. I kept running. I'm never going to forgive myself," Mark confessed. Mai wrapped one arm around his waist. Her free hand was used to wipe a tear from Mark's cheek.

Then, there was silence. Mai wrapped another arm around Mark and put her head in the curve of his neck. Mark stroked Mai's hair. Mai understood what Tuyen meant about finding light in this dark war. Maybe Mark would be the light?

"Can you tell me about America?" Mai whispered. There was hatred in her heart for the Americans, but the place itself fascinated her.

Mark nodded and began to tell Mai amazing stories. He told her about baseball and how much he loved the Boston Red Sox. He also expressed his aggravation at how they never won the World Series. Mark realized Mai didn't know what the World Series was. Markexplained baseball to her.Then, he told her about his favorite foods. Mai was surprised at such strange foods. Who would want creamy ice? He told Mai about the tall buildings of New York City and the sandy shores of California.

Mai took a glance at Mark's watch. It was after midnight. They had been talking for hours. Although Mark was different from most Americans, Mai still knew what he really wanted from her. It wasn't companionship. What he wanted was to make love.

"So… do you think we should get started?" Mark asked. Mai nodded and began to undress herself.