Shadows in the Sand


The world, language, characters, and everything else in the story that follows belongs to me, Tempest Epilogue. So no stealing! Got it? Good. :)

Pronunciation Guide

The language used in this story is called Azikrá, specifically the dialect of the Sakopixi Desert, though other dialects may come up later on. Here's the pronunciation:

A – as in father

Á – as in cat

B – as in bed

E – as in sent

É – as in day

G – as in golf

H – as in hat

I – as in see

Í – as in fin

K – as in cool

L – as in laugh

M – as in man

N – as in noon

O – as in so

P – as in pig

R – as in Spanish perro, trilled, though in some dialects as in roof

S – as in soup

U – as in food

X – as in cheese or church

Z – as in zoo

Pronunciation of some of the names:

Asipoma – AH-seep-om-ah

Zosola – ZO-sol-ah

Ílexim – IHL-ehch-eem

Okáxanu – OK-ach-ahn-oo

Suxrig – SOOchr-eeg

Ikálno – EEK-aln-o

Azikrá – AH-zeek-ra

Ulaxa – OOL-ahch-ah

Hakuno – HAHK-oon-o


The planet in which this story takes place is called Asipoma by the people in this story, though this is really a name for their known world, which is the three continents: Supixro, Olaxri, and Imakrib. The continent that this story mainly takes place on is Supixro. The link to the map of Asipoma can be found in my bio. Eventually I'll have a website up with information about Asipoma and Azikrá, but that's not really one of my priorities at the moment. If you happen to want to know more about this stuff, just ask me.