Shadows in the Sand

May Zosola bless the women of this tale.

May Ílexim bless the warriors.

May Okáxanu bless the creatures of this tale.

May Suxrig bless the lands.

And may Ikálno bless the tale itself.

Here, beneath the sky.

- Traditional Azikrá Book Blessing


My Dearest Ulaxa,

When last we saw each other, it was spring, and the opílé flowers were blooming in the desert. It was always your favourite flower, I remember. But that was long ago, and we have bother grown old since then. Perhaps we have grown also in wisdom, but that is hard to say. The days pass slowly now, but the years go rushing on, like twigs in a stream.

I have never been well acquainted with peace, but I am beginning to get to know it better. And as I do, I find that I like it more and more with every passing day. Have you also found peace, in you village at the feet of the mountains, as I have in the garden of my stone house beside the river? Somehow, I feel that you have.

Perhaps one would expect me to speak of what passed between us long ago, but I have ceased to dwell on past events. Time is too short. I have, however, written our story, form beginning to end, for future generations to read and remember. I am sending it with this letter. Please tell me what you think of it, and whether I have lest anything out.

My dear Ulaxa, time grows ever shorter, and the shadows lengthen. When the midnight sun shines on the desert, and the eagle comes out to hunt, I know we will meet again.

Remember me with love,


AN: I know this is short, but it's only the prologue and a letter. The rest of the chapters will be longer. Anyhow, this is the first thing I've written in a long time, so please review and tell me what you think. Chapter one will be along in a bit.