A long many years has the faerie conference existed. Created by the first fairies, it was set to one task. Set missions up for the fairies of the Realm of Mofl. The main point was to prove fairies capable of the task most were set with. This task, making the world beautiful, seems like a large task for such tiny beings, when, in truth, their courage comes more from the heart than that of their brain. The power radiates from the little hearts they all carry so well.

Every thousand years, however, there comes a chosen few. Six to be exact, all female, and all have a bigger task than the ones set to normal fairies. They are to vanquish any evil that might have come into existence in the last thousand years. These select few will be born in the captivity of that Realm of which they so like to call Earth, but is the Outer Realm to us. A place full of hatred and poverty, unlike our own world. They will grow there until their wings start to grow, then they are sent here, to help us all.

The facts are known by all fairies, they are the same every thousand years. Two will possess the same Outer Realm names, the Earth faerie and the Water faerie. One will have the use of telepathy, and one will have an extremely dark side. One will think she is not enough help in this mission and thinks she needs a bigger part, the other is overly trusted by the rest for her soft voice and delicate manner. One will be extremely beautiful, while the other, while still beautiful, will be more quaint. Then there will be the Fire faerie, she will be capable of destroying anything but another animate object. She will have the beauty of the glowing warmth of the flames that fall from her outstretched hands. The Wind Keeping faerie will control the winds, directing anything and everything as she wants them to. Her beauty is that of the autumn leaves she rustles with her wind. Then there will be the Electricity faerie, capable of slashing any one person open with a strike of her purple lightening. Her beauty is compared to the vague image left after a lightening strike in a distant field on flowers. And then there is the Dark faerie. She will have been possessed by both the light and the dark. She alone may kill the others, and she alone may bring them safely home. The power rests in her hands, and she alone knows how to use it, as she is also the faerie of light. Her beauty is compared to that of the dark raven, the only predictable familiar.

The names given to them are different that they have ever known. Faerie names to all, as intricate, delicate and complex as they themselfs are. Only the Elders can name the name they will never know until the day they come here, to the Realm of Mofl. Each elder takes her turn to name the child and present them with their stones and familiars. Only with these stones can they enter our Realm and take control of the evil that exists there. These stones contain their identity and magical powers. It will tell them when they are to enter our Realm and when they are to leave. This stone can complete them, or ruin them.

No one must know the chosen one's names until the mission is completed, and they are not to get close to anyone but the Elders. If they choose to betray the secret by revealing their identity to the wrong person, then all is failed, and everything changes. There will be no more chosen ones to save our Realm from obliteration.