Ro-ku Hime

She was a silent being, and very outward at the same time. She was like the spring flower, bursting into bloom. She was everything they all wanted to be, and then some. But still there was much they did not know about her. She had hidden powers that she kept hidden. Then there was her winds. How she had managed to hide them so very well was beyond her own knowledge. Only her brother knew of them.

Sarah was a surfer. She moved from England with her parents when she was still very young. Moving to Oahu Hawaii, they bought a house with a beautiful blue bay outside their door. Then her parents died in a surfing accident when she was ten and her brother, Shane, was fifteen. They never went to anyone about another "set of parents", as Shane had said at the time. She had grown into her brother caring for her, though he was only five years older. He had, of course, taken full responsibility of her when they had died. He had taught her to care for herself as well as for others. Then there was the time he taught her how to surf. The second she touched the surfboard that her parents had left behind, she knew that she had wanted to surf for the rest of her life.

Eventually, she became exceptionally good, and she entered herself into surf competition after surf competition. That was, before she started to grow her wings. Then, she preferred to do the tube-surfing off the private coast of the bay by their home. She knew it was not normal for her to be growing these wings, no other teenager had them. Slowly, she took more to herself, and isolated herself more and more, to the point where Shane had problems talking to her.

On a sunny day, Sarah went out surfing in the clear blue bay. The day was young and brights, and the waves were hitting the shore with the perfectness only that bay could provide. The blue waters were blinding with their brilliance, but Sarah was used to that. Her perfectly tan skin was the perfect contrast, and she knew it. And her turquoise bikini was a perfect match to match to both the water and the turquoise wolf that she had as a necklace around her neck at all times. Never had she known where this necklace came from or what it represented, but she thought it to be beautiful, as she had never seen a wolf, and this was al close as she got.

She thought about her necklace, and instinctively touched it on the leather thong it was attached to her neck with. Pondering what it meant, she heard her name being called from a distance. She knew that she was hardly visible in the water, and that she was at a great distance from the shore. Despite all these things, she could see a black spot on the beach, waving frantically at her. They seemed to have a great urgency for waving as they were.

"Sarah!" called the voice. Though it was faint, Sarah knew who had called her name. It was Bobby, the boy that had a crush on her. Bobby, the jock and football star had always had a crush on her, and she had created quite a few formidable enemies by turning him down. Still, he was persistent to get her to go out with him, even if it was out of pity. She guessed he saw her as a challenge. Every Friday night, he had put off the cheerleaders, just to try to get her to go out with him that once. Ever since he had started to ask her out, she had shunned him, trying to rid of him. But still, he lingered in the shadows, and watched her from a distance.

Carefully, so that she would not fall off her board, Sarah checked that her wings were still hidden. When she knew they were, she lay down on her board and started to paddle back to shore. Just because she did not like him, did not mean she was stuck up about it.

"You would think he would lose interest after a while!" she exclaimed to herself as she was working her way back to the coast. They had not really ever talked together in private, but she had thoroughly embarrassed him in front of all of his friends. But that had not discouraged him any. Nonetheless, she continued to go to the beach.

As she got into the coast, she found herself angry at him for doing this to her, and that she had almost no energy left from the rapid paddle back to shore. "What!?" she asked breathlessly.

Instead of answering, he let his eyes wander across her tanned body as she walked over to her towel. He was fully aware of his imagination running away with him. He let it willingly. It carried him into a bed that he had always pictured her bed like. She was there, waiting for him...

"Bobby?" she asked, trying to regain his attention.

"Sorry," he said as he was brought back to reality by her voice. Slowly, he started to blush as he thought about what had just went through his mind. Once again, Sarah had managed to embarrass him just by saying his name.

"What did you want?" Sarah asked him again. All the while, she was trying not to tangle her blond hair anymore than it already was by drying it.

"Just to say hi," he said, trying not to marvel at er fluid movements. He had seen her in many of her competitions, and she had the same grace and beauty on land as she did on water.

"Bobby," Sarah said, "You always have more to do with me that just to say hi."

"No," he said, "I really just wanted to say hi." After a pause, he added, "And to talk to you."

Sarah grew tired of him always just wanting to talk. "What about?" She asked, touching the warm sand that she sat in. The canopy of palm trees cast odd shadows on the sand, turning it blue and purple.

Before answering, Bobby sat down next to her, a little too close for Sarah's liking. For a long moment, she wondered if her was going to pounce on her and rape her. Though it seemed like an odd thing to envision, she knew that Bobby was practically her stalker. And that alone made anything possible. Still, there was a silence between them as Bobby hugged his knees to his chest and started fixedly out to the moving bay. Finally, he answered. "Just, anything and everything." he said. "Maybe even nothing."

Sarah liked the nothing bit of it. As often as she denied it, she did have some feelings for Bobby. And just sitting here next to him was enough to fill her happiness. "How did you know I was here?" she asked, suddenly hating the silence.

"Your brother said you were here when I came to your door, and he let me out here." he answered. "Then, I saw you surfing, and I was awestruck. I stood out here for about half an hour and watched you." he added. Then, turning to face her, he continued. "You truly are amazing at surfing Sarah, and I would like it very much if you went out with me and told me about it."

Knowing this was coming, Sarah was prepared to reject him, but somehow she could not. So she said nothing.

"Sarah?" he asked, trying to get her attention.

"I'm flattered and all Bobby," she said, choosing her words carefully. Looking out to the bay seemed easier than looking to him. "But..."

"I know," he interrupted, "You don't like me like I do you. But please, just this once?" he pleaded.

Sarah knew she could not say no, so she accepted. "Fine. Tonight only though. We can go for a shake. Who knows, it might actually be fun." Deep down inside, she knew that she would love tonight, but she was not about to tell Bobby that.

The astonished look on Bobby's face soon turned to wonderment and confusion. Finally, after staring intently at her neck, he was able to force out two words before his bewilderment got the best of him. "Your necklace..." he said.

Instinctively, Sarah reached for her amulet. It was warm, warmer than usual. A shower of sparks escaped from it as she touched it.

Panicked, she ran back into the house where her Shane sat at the table waxing his own surfboard. Bobby had followed her, keeping a safe distance, into the dark house. Seeing Sarah's distressed face, Shane jumped up, knocking his board to the floor. He raced to the door, and slammed it shut in Bobby's face.

"It's time," Shane said when he had turned around. He was using his calm voice that was reserved for when he was distressed.

"For what?" Sarah asked, confused and worried at the same time.

"Sarah..." Shane said, taking a moment to regain self control. "That is not your name. Your real name is Soraya Ivy Galadriel. You are a healer in the world of fairies, and an elf here in this world. I cannot tell you anymore than you have to go to the other realm. You have a mission there." Shane continued as he dug through a locked chest that their parents had left in Shane's possession. "Change into these," he said, tossing her a fine woolen dress on forest green and turquoise. "Go to the faerie palace and do not tell your name to anyone until you are faced with the palace guards." Sarah changed in silence, putting the dress on over her bikini, while Shane Packed rations into a small leather bag.

Only when she had this bag in her possession did she speak. "But how do I get there?" she asked as she gripped her amulet with all of her strength.

Colors started to swirl, and Shane was no longer there facing her. She did, however, hear him distantly say "Like that." She felt a tear fall from her eyes, and then all went black.