I know

I know

I know...

I know.

It wasn't supposed to be.

It wasn't meant to be.

I need a break

I said it myself

That I wanted to be single

At least for awhile.

But why, then, do I feel

So terrible

Like I've done something gravely wrong

When all I did

Was let you go?

It wasn't love

It never was

It wasn't going to be

God didn't mean for it to be.

But does that make it wrong?

Does that mean we shouldn't have gone together?

I think it was destiny

For it to happen and not work out.

As Mal always says,

Everything happens for a reason.

And your parents didn't want me

For a reason.

As much as I like you

I can't feel responsible.

I need someone older...

Someone who doesn't need a babysitter.

Someone with a mind of their own

Who can make smart decisions

Who can hold me tightly

Who won't let go.

Who won't be afraid to tell me they love me

Who won't hesitate to tell me I'm beautiful

I don't wanna be just "hot"

Who I can talk to

Who's prepared for the worst.

Cuz I am the worst of the worst.