"Run, Fatso! Let's see you run!"
Their voices cried so loud
Silently she ran the course
While cursing the whole crowd

Carefully she placed her feet
Right, then left, then right
Pretending that she didn't care
But she knew she'd lost the fight

Blood was rushing through her veins
Her heart pumping oh so fast
Lungs crying out for more air
But she'd not finish last

Harder yet she pushed herself
Harder yet she tried
But ev'ryone who said she could
She now realized they'd lied

She crossed the line behind the rest
How they laughed and sneered
Crystal tears poured down her cheeks
This was what she'd feared

School PE should never be
So hurtful or so hard
For all the taunts and teasing
Would cause her many scars

For many years she'd let them win
She'd believe all of their lies
Every time she went to school
Part of her spirit died

Many days she begged her mom
"Please don't make me go to school"
And many times her mom replied
"Just don't let them get to you"

But they "got to her" 'most every day
'Tho some were nice and kind
She turned to booze and cigarettes
To numb her heart and mind

She did so many rotten things
And lied to one and all
She shoved the pain deep inside
Letting no one see her fall

One night while she was falling fast
Life flying by her face
She grabbed a knife to let it slice
And finally seal her fate

But as she placed it on her wrist
Metal nipping at her skin
Suddenly she realized
She was about to let them win

She let the knife fall to the floor
Followed closely by her tears
She wouldn't validate their lies
Or give into all her fears

Silently she went to bed
Knowing she'd be safe
She'd wake up in the morning
And live to greet the day