All In A Kiss

When your fingers brush mine, ever so slightly,

It's as if a flock of birds have burst into flight,

Flying, gliding, owning the sky.

But when your lips gently capture mine,

The whole world comes to a beautiful halt.

All the people of Earth are frozen in an amazing tableau

Of talking, eating, gesturing, fighting.

Runners are poised, feet barely above the ground,

Muscles tensed, rippling beneath the skin.

Even the winds are stationary

Leaves have been left as they are,

Twisted, glinting green sunlight.

The most breathtaking sight is the water

Waves on the coastline are curled,

Arched above the sand, foaming at the top.

Other waves are stopped as they reach they shore.

The anticipation of pulling





Is so strong it's almost unbearable.

We fly, intertwined in our love,

Beyond the Earth, halting the universe.

Comets racing towards nowhere are still,

Graceful and glittering in the darkness.

Orbits have ceased but we spin on,

Dancing across the rings of Saturn,

Swimming in the blue-green atmosphere of Neptune,

Pitching forward to distant galaxies, distant stars,

Knowing where we go doesn't matter

As long as we have each other.

When you pull away,

The universe, all at once,

Begins moving, spinning again,

People's hearts are beating

The tides are crashing, receding

Comets are soaring, planets are rotating.

Noise and colors rain down on my senses

And we're pulled from our private nebula,

Hurled across the reaches of time and space.

Will you kiss me again?

So it can just be us?