A Vagrant's Vice

Not all who wander are lost,
Not all those who discuss can listen
Not all who love can say they are not envious

So if not all people can be everything...
What is left for those wavering in indescion?
Take the safe route and risk a broken heart

Walk the road less travelled and invite adventure
Speak and be amazed by perception
Laugh and be happy for once

Patterns can be deceptive
Words are minced when reading between the lines
Seconds slip away into oblivion when counting down the time

Rhyming in threes and still I falter
Pouring out emotions in obscurity
And I'm forever falling faster

Allude to an illusion
Hidden by the dusk of forgotten moments
And distorted by regrets

All the things I should've said and done
All the times I stayed when I could run
All bring me rushing back to this moment