Title: What It Is

Rating: PG-13

Disclaimer: Mine!

Distribution: Tell me first!

Author's Note: had a thought one day.....

What It Is

this isn't a poem about love

no chocolate, flowers, or heartfelt letters of onceunrelenting emotion

without affection


no candy hearts for you

This isn't a poem about greed

That one room shack suits you fine

Rent always late

Without possession


Nonexistent trinkets line your dusty windowsill

This isn't a poem about harmony

Your anger,

primal in its entirety

convulses and shivers in the depressions of your mind

looms over you, a shadow clouding each decision you make

without tranquility


the loss of personal control renders you insanity's puppet

without love

without greed

without harmony

this isn't…

you aren't.