Left and set astray

never to belong

like a lost piece, in a way

of a puzzle long gone.

Small and underrated

taking much criticism

it's clear you underestimate

my craft and witticism

In society it seems

in order to be hear

you must top the screams

or they won't hear a word

Neglected too often

I've come with strategy

Perhaps you'll listen,

if my words were more catchy

Let's not try to hide

the lies and deceit

to cover an disguise

the truth underneath

Fame and power

are what I lack

but it's my hour

to state the facts

I'm a lost fragment

treated with asperity

suffering such torment

I'm one among many.

So let us all

bond and unite

for a greater cause

for what is right

You may not believe

such small pieces would differ

but in a puzzle, it's hard to see.. with lost pieces

the complete, and full picture.