You are mesmerising me
Understand it
I have landed
In the middle of the sea:
I cannot swim.

So distracting
You're exacting
A familiar penalty
Don't go thinking
I've been drinking
I am just thinking clearly
Or so it would appear.

Gently testing
When I'm resting
You are always in my thoughts
How I've brooded
And I never will be caught
Like this again.

Still unfailing
I am ailing
For a fragment of your touch
I am basking
In the asking
Am I asking far too much?
I'll think again.

You're bewitching
I am itching
Just to hold you in my arms
Stick to glances
As my chances
Are cause for some alarm:
I'm not your type!

I'm bedraggled
Mind so addled
By your ethereal grace
Where have I been
Before I looked upon your face?
I do not know.

To talk of beauty
Is my duty
And that's why I talk of you
But now you're here
And now I fear
That there's nothing I can do
To make you mine.