I'll write a story for you to read,

With words to express my deepest feeling,

But it will lack the conclusion a story needs,

It will end with our hero on the floor kneeling.

It will open with a line about life,

Filled with sarcasm and a twisted joke,

A blind man stabbed by a rusted knife.

The billionaire son ends up broke.

A plot twist where expected,

A lacking depth to a profound quote,

Leave our hero unaffected,

His date of death left in a note.

The audience will cry,

For ignorance of apathy,

And the pretty girl will die,

A life that ended happily.

We'll leave the conflicts unconcluded,

Just to spite the world,

We'll leave the plot diluted,

And hand out tomatoes to be hurled.

But don't' forget our hero,

Kneeling on the floor,

A life that starts at zero,

He'd never beg for more.