If I'd have told you your teardrops murdered me
Would you have considered stopping crying?
As joy lay so pale in your arms, then expiring,
You looked up at me and liked what you did see.

And you're still looking, searching for something;
And I'm still looking, hoping you'll find it there.
Your eyes in mine; both breathing the same air,
Why is this the closest we've ever got to: wishing?

Show me your palm, in it I'll find your destiny:
It's so close to mine, so why don't the lines meet?
I was too tired to dream even of places obsolete,
And when I met you colour came back to my reverie.

Put your lips to mine, mix my blood with yours;
I just need to see if life truly exists for us to taste,
Just one moment, one flame exchanged in haste;
And then you can leave me for further shores.

Whether this love barely begun is meant to last
Will then never matter to neither of us, we'll walk on,
Ever searching for that one perfect bloodless dawn;
Knowing bliss of death by a kiss can be surpassed.

AN: Ok, the last poem I posted I had to remove 'cause I hated it so much. . .but as my hands were just itching to write something, here's this. . .it is actually, about one specific person. . .. . .hope you like it. . .to Himmler!!! (inside joke. . .hate the nazi bastard).