I'm sitting here
in front of the computer screen
sunglasses on
hung-over from a broken dream
I think of you
and wonder all that we've gone through
and if we're done
forever and nothing left to say

I wish I could
be held by you again
feel so safe
and secure in your arms
but only thoughts
this is an allusion
I am alone
and you are gone

I want to be loved again
I want to just feel whole
But you've left me here and I am simply by myself

just breathe
let the air encase you
lift you up
bring you down
just simply float away
the days are passing
and my heart still beating
but the pulse is dim
and it only a matter of time

I want to say hello again
I want to just feel complete
But you're far away and it's a space I cannot fill

sigh again
release the anguish
that you feel
and let your feet touch the earth
life will be lived
life will go on
but for now
I just... I just

I want to feel that lust from you
I want us to become one mesh
But I am blind and I cannot see, these limbs entangled are not yours

pump in life
bring me back
I swear I'll
live this time
I swear I'll
keep breathing
I'll keep living
I just need to
keep loving and keep on touching
it just has to be someone else....