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Chapter 4-

"I still can't believe you can walk anywhere in this town within fifteen minutes." Ryan mused as she wandered through Cherry Grove with Rollie and Crash.

Cherry Grove is a quaint little town in New Jersey. It has a radius of 1.2 miles from the town center in every direction. The town center contained everything the people needed for day-to-day life and everything else could be found in the big cities surrounding it. There were two schools in Cherry Grove, a school for pre-k through grade 8, and a high school. Most people ate in the two local rival diners, but there was also a formal restaurant. There was also a bakery, a church, a deli, a small grocery store, etc.

Ryan and her mother moved to Cherry Grove because Rianna Karstani had been sick of living in the big cities. She wanted to get out and "find herself".

Crash nodded in agreement.

"You get used to it." Rollie turned into the skate park simply called "Skate".

"Why does such a tiny town have two parks, a community garden, and a skate park?" Ryan asked curiously.

"You can thank Jake for this place." He smiled. "The mayor, Avery, I think you met him, got sick of Jake and his board terrorizing people on the sidewalks and staircases so he had this place built and banned skating of any kind outside this park. And the rest, who cares?"

Ryan nodded as she sat down on her new favorite spot, a green pipe next to Rollie's usual ramp, and opened her notebook. Ryan became so absorbed in writing she completely lost track of time. She was jolted back into reality when Rollie yelled, "Hey! Ry! You're gonna be late for tutoring."

Ryan groaned. She did not like Jake. That cocky prick… Spending two hours every Wednesday with him was most certainly not her idea of fun.

Ryan and Jake had agreed to meet at Nikki's, a small diner with a homey appeal. Ryan loved it there. Not only is the food good, but Monday through Wednesday and Friday Austin worked in the sporting goods store across the street. Ryan would sit at a table near the window so she can see him work. Not a stalker, no way. The only downside was Nikki is Jake's older sister with whom he lives. So of course, he worked there five days a week. Ryan sighed thinking, I guess you gotta take the good with the bad.

Ryan took a seat on the yellow barstool closest to the door and waited patiently for Jake to finish his shift. While she was pulling out her math books, a familiar figure came in and sat down next to her.

"I'm sorry but I'm waiting for someone and that's their seat…" She trailed off when she realized who it was. "Hi Austin!!"

"Hey, umm…" Austin looked puzzled.

"Ryan. My name's Ryan. We are in the same Lit class!" Ryan suddenly became aware of how much she sounded like the ever ditzy Carleene and decided to try a more…casual approach. "So what's up?"

"Nothing really." He took in the books surrounding her. "Studying?"


"Oh really? Who?"

"Jake Thompson."

Austin chuckled. "Good luck. That guy's a lost cause. You know he's nineteen? He couldn't graduate last year."

Suddenly a soft growl came from behind them. "Get out of here, Pierce." Jake looked very…well, for lack of a better word, evil.

"Leave him alone Jake." Ryan scowled.

"It's alright. I have to get back to work anyway." He smiled. "It was nice talking to you Ryan."

"Yeah." Ryan breathing, barely containing a high-pitched squeal. "See ya'."

"I'll be seeing you, Thompson." Austin spat as he left.

The second the love of her life left, Ryan rounded on Jake. "What'd you do that for?"

"He's an asshole."

"No he most certainly is not! You're the asshole!" She cried angrily.

"Whatever. Can I go now?"

"No…I have to tutor you. Remember?"

Jake laughed. "Kid, don't even bother, I know this crap already. I don't need any help."

Ryan raised an eyebrow skeptically. "Then why are you still in high school. I know you failed three core subjects last year and barely passed the fourth."

Jake let out a heavy sigh, "Fine." There was something intense and powerful in Jake's movements as he slammed into the chair. He glared at the glass door that revealed Austin's receding figure. He turned abruptly to Ryan. "Okay Tink. Give me the hardest problem you can think of."

"Okay…" Ryan thought a minute before writing down the most complex math problem from the homework. "There."

He read it over. His hand flew across the page as he made his final calculations. "Done. Is it to your satisfaction?" Jake smirked, set down the pencil and pushed the piece of loose-leaf across the metallic counter to Ryan.

Ryan read it over in sheer amazement. "Wow. This is…perfect." She smiled.

"I told you Tink, I'm not stupid."

"Alright. Try this one, O smart one." Ryan spent the next hour giving Jake the most complicated equations to solve and then watching him breeze through them with ease.

"Okay, if you're such a super genius, why are you failing most of your classes?"

"Image." He stated simply.

"You're kidding. You fail because you think it makes you cool? That's the stupidest thing I've ever heard!"

"Yeah well, I didn't expect you to understand." He scowled.

"Alright then, enlighten me."

He seemed to think this over, "Well, I've been like this a long time. If I suddenly got smart, no one would believe me. They'd think I'm cheating or something and I'd still fail. So what's the point?"

"Teachers seem to like me. Maybe if I explain it to them…" Ryan tried to be helpful.

"You do what you want. I gotta go, my next shift starts soon. See ya' later, Tink." Even though neither of them said anything, the tension between them had lessened considerably. Maybe things between them would be okay after all…

"What's with this whole 'Tink' business?" Ryancalled curiosly.

Jake shrugged. "It seems to suit you."

As he walked back behind the counter Ryan whispered to herself and smiled, "Tink. I like it."