"Forehead pressed against the glass

Smooth and oh-so-cold as your hand

Haylie in the front seat,

Alec in the back

Hearts burning, yearning

To hear that last song


Smoke the day's last cigarette

Like you'd still be here in the morning

Laughing how your hair's a m e s s

And the b u r n t bacon on the stove that Rhonda forgot,

But it's impossible to forget




When our hello's never came and how the


Crashed down

As you slipped to Heaven on the highway.'

'you are forever our star.'"

1/29/2006 3:41pm

Note: Highway 169 is where Felicia passed away. The paramedics said that she flat-lined right there on the highway asphalt...it'll be a year on the 28th of this month....thank you for reading.